Is Your Senior at Risk for Shingles?

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Home Care in Manhasset NY: Is Your Senior at Risk for Shingles?

Each year throughout the United States approximately one million people suffer from a potentially serious condition known as shingles. This condition comes from the varicella zoster virus and is characterized by a red, blistering rash that can spread across large areas of the body and cause pain that can linger for many weeks. Those who suffer this condition can also suffer from a variety of other severe consequences, including damage to the eyes if the rash develops in the face. As a family caregiver, it is important that recognize this risk and are able to help your loved one manage this risk as well as cope with the condition effectively should it develop.

Some of the risk factors for shingles include:

  • Age. The majority of people who develop shingles are over the age of 50. The risk for developing this condition increases with age. Experts estimate that at age 80 or older, at least half of the population of elderly adults will have shingles.
  • History of chickenpox. The varicella zoster virus is the same virus that causes chickenpox. This means that if your parent has had chickenpox, they will already have the virus inside of them. This virus can then resurface at any time and develop into shingles.
  • History of certain other diseases. Certain medical conditions can lead to the immune system being suppressed, putting them at higher risk of the shingles virus surfacing. Some of these medical conditions include HIV, AIDS, and cancer.
  • Undergoing certain medical treatments. Treatments for certain medical conditions, particularly cancer, can increase the chances that the virus will resurface in the system and create shingles. This is because these treatments suppress the immune system, making it so that the body is not able to keep the zoster virus down.
  • Using certain medications. Likewise, particular medications, such as anti-rejection medications taken after a transplant, increase the chances that your parent will suffer shingles.


If you have noticed that the challenges of caring for your elderly parent have become too extensive for you to handle comfortably and confidently, your schedule has changed and limited your ability to manage your parent’s needs, or your parent’s needs have increased, now may be the ideal time for you to start home care for them. An in-home senior care services provider can be with your elderly parent on a schedule that is right for them and their needs, allowing you to care for them as much as is right for you and your elderly loved one. This enables them to receive a highly personalized set of services that will help them to stay safe, healthy, comfortable, and happy throughout their later years while also supporting their mental and emotional well-being, and as much independence as possible. If your elderly loved one is suffering from a serious health issue such as shingles this care provider can be invaluable. They can help your parent to remain compliant with their medications and other treatments through meaningful reminders, encourage healthy lifestyle choices, and keep you informed of their health and well-being so that you can make the decisions that are right for their ongoing treatment and care.

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