Your Loved One Has Been Diagnosed with Heart Failure. Now What?

Receiving a diagnosis like heart failure can really throw your loved one and you for a loop. Heart failure is a complex group of issues that your loved one might be able to manage by making a few simple changes. Is Heart Failure as Bad as it Sounds? Heart failure is a term that sounds as if your loved one's heart is no longer functioning at all. In reality, her heart is still working, but not as well as it could or should ... Read more

Is Your Senior at Risk for Shingles?

Each year throughout the United States approximately one million people suffer from a potentially serious condition known as shingles. This condition comes from the varicella zoster virus and is characterized by a red, blistering rash that can spread across large areas of the body and cause pain that can linger for many weeks. Those who suffer this condition can also suffer from a variety of other severe consequences, including damage to the eyes if the rash develops in the face. As ... Read more

Is Your Loved One at Risk for COPD?

The American Lung Association estimates that approximately 24 million people throughout the United States are living with COPD. Short for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD is a group of progressive diseases of the lungs that obstruct airflow. The two most common of these disorders are emphysema and chronic bronchitis. These diseases can dramatically impact your parent’s health and well-being, and their quality of life as they age in place. Understanding their risk factors can help you to make care choices that ... Read more