Keeping Your Aging Parent’s Pet Safe on Halloween

Senior Care in Floral Park NY Halloween is a fabulous holiday for every member of the family to enjoy together, and a fun way for your parent to enjoy some unique mental stimulation and making meaningful memories with you and your children. While you are thinking of all of the spooky festivities that you can enjoy together, it is important that you do not overlook your role as their caregiver and remember to keep their safety and health in mind. This also ... Read more

Elders and National Liver Awareness Month – Celebrate with These Ideas

Elder Care in Dix Hills NY National Liver Awareness Month takes place throughout the month of October. It was created as a way to educate the public on ways to keep the liver healthy and functioning properly for many years to come. The American Liver Foundation wants people of all ages to take control of their health and take the right steps to prevent disease from developing into these organs. Whether or not your elderly parent is at risk for liver diseases, they ... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of the Flu

Elderly Care in Massapequa NY Going through the flu can be a miserable experience for your elderly parent. As their family caregiver, you should know that it can also be extremely dangerous for them. Even what seems like a minor infection or illness to you can develop into something much more serious in your aging parent. The flu can turn into pneumonia, lung infections, or other issues that can even put your aging parent’s life at risk. Being able to detect the ... Read more

Coping When Your Parent’s Choice for Cancer Treatment is No Treatment At All

Elder Care in Huntington NY Finding out that your aging loved one has cancer is a life-changing moment for both your parent and for you. As their adult child you are dealing with the painful emotions of thinking about what your loved one is going to have to go through during this journey and what you might face as your parent suffers. As their family caregiver you are concerned about making sure that they are taking care of their health and getting ... Read more

Important Safety Considerations for After a Disaster

Caregiver in Plainview NY September is National Preparedness Month. As a family caregiver this is the time for you to ensure that your aging parent is properly prepared for the weather emergencies and other disasters that might occur. Proper preparation can help your senior to get through these frightening situations in the best way possible so that they can move forward when the issue ends. When it comes to preparedness, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your ... Read more

Why Is it Important for Your Elderly Loved One to Maintain as Much Independence as Possible?

Home Care in Floral Park NY Family caregivers can find that helping their elderly loved one can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Their loved one fights for independence in all situations, sometimes endangering themselves. But why would they do that? It's a Control Thing For some elderly loved ones, there is so much of their lives that is out of their control. Perhaps they have health conditions that have quickly deteriorated or there are other factors at work. At some point, your loved ... Read more

Talking to Your Elderly Loved One about Their Cancer Diagnosis

Senior Care in Northport NY September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Whether your parent has been diagnosed with this type of cancer or another type, this is the ideal opportunity for you to take the time to talk to your aging parent about this diagnosis and how it will impact your loved one's future and your care efforts for them. Being open and honest about this situation will help to not only ensure that your aging parent gets the level of care, ... Read more

What Are the Best Ways to Give Yourself a Break Right Now as a Family Caregiver?

Caregiver in Dix Hills NY When you're stressed, you feel it in every aspect of your life. It also affects every area of your life and your relationships, especially with your elderly loved one. Here are some ways you can make sure you have a break now and then. Take People up on Favors and Help When Offered Are you one of those caregivers who turns down offers of help when they're offered? Maybe you feel that people are offering simply to be nice ... Read more


Home Care in Huntington NY On Thursday, August 11, 2016 Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci (R,C,I-South Huntington) visited Star Multi Care Services to hear first-hand how proposed changes in healthcare will potentially affect the elderly and the home care providers in New York State.  Star Multi Care Services has been providing in-home healthcare to residents of New York since 1938.  Stephen Sternbach, President and CEO,  Lauren Scalcione, Branch Administrator and Amy Brett, Senior Patient Care Advocate sat down with Assemblyman Lupinacci to discuss ... Read more

What Are the Best Ways to Keep Caregiver Stress from Taking Over?

Caregiver in Huntington NY Caregivers are subject to a great deal of stress during their time offering care to others. Some days it's easier to manage than it is on other days, but these ideas can help. Practice Patience and Compassion Having patience with your elderly loved one and the other people that you encounter during your days will help you to automatically keep stress in check. When you're impatient, your stress levels are bound to rise along with your impatience. Maintaining compassion is ... Read more
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