Four Tips to Get You to Understand Meditation

Dealing with stress as a caregiver of a senior loved one is almost a full-time job on its own. One of the best ways for you to try dealing with your stress levels is to take up meditation. But the act of trying to meditate can be incredibly frustrating for some people. If that describes you, some of these tips might help. The Benefits Mean You Should Try Meditation has some serious benefits for anyone who even gives it a try. You might ... Read more

Managing Diabetes in the Elderly

While anyone who has diabetes should be seen by a doctor regularly, there are some things that can be done at home to manage diabetes. If you are in charge of taking care of your elderly loved one, there are some tips that can assist you in helping them to manage their diabetes. These tips are extremely important. You must also remember that many elderly people won’t be able to remember how to manage their diabetes on their own. They need ... Read more

Why Does Your Senior Need a Plan for Aging in Place?

If your elderly family member has mentioned that she wants to age in place, you need to sit down with her and work out a plan. That plan might be what gives her what she needs now to age in place later. Planning Gives You Both a Roadmap A goal is great, but a plan shows you how you’re going to get there. With the right plan, your aging family member is going to be better able to do what she needs to ... Read more

Four Ideas for Improving Your Senior’s Heart Health

Keeping your senior’s heart as healthy as possible is an urgent proposition as she ages. But talking about heart health might also make your senior’s eyes glaze over from boredom and frustration. In reality, heart health doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. Together you and your senior can put together a plan she can stick to and that she can love. Work Closely with Her Doctor The first step in managing any sort of health issue, but especially ones to do with ... Read more

What Family Caregivers Can Do to Keep Seniors with Dementia Safer

Among the most difficult parts of being a family caregiver to an older adult with dementia is the way the disease changes the way they act. It can cause them to make poor decisions that could lead to injuries or even death. They may also engage in challenging behaviors, like wandering, that make them wander away from home where they could get lost or die from exposure to the cold. As a result, one of the chief concerns of many family caregivers ... Read more

What Are the Five Key Indicators That Your Mom Isn’t Okay Living Alone?

How can you tell when it's no longer safe for your mom to live alone without any assistance? You'll see things that just don't feel right when you go to visit. If you need guidance, these are five of the warning signs that elder care is needed. Hoarding Hoarding occurs when someone is making up for something that's lacking. It could be your mom is purchasing items like shoes to make up for the loss of her husband. She may be lonely and ... Read more

Four Tips for Caring for Your Senior from Far Away

Is it really possible to be a caregiver from miles and miles away? You might worry that it isn’t at times, but these tips can help you to do the best you can, even when you’re not right around the corner. Get to Know Her Doctor Your senior’s doctor might be one of the best resources that you have when you can’t be there with her for knowing what’s really going on with her health. She might try to convince you that all ... Read more

How Do You Know it’s Time for Homecare Services?

You might have spent a little too much time wondering when it’s time or when it’s okay to have homecare services helping your senior a little bit more. The right answer is that there’s no one time that’s right for every situation. Each situation has its own variable. But some of these situations might help you see that it might be time in your senior’s particular case. Balancing Responsibilities Is Getting More Difficult for You Being a caregiver is about balancing everything in ... Read more

Does Drinking Soda Impact Lifespan?

Hearing that drinking sugar-sweetened sodas is bad for your health isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. However, did you know that even drinking artificially sweetened sodas may be bad for your health, too? A new study conducted by researchers in Europe showed a link between drinking both sugary sodas and artificially sweetened sodas and dying sooner. How Drinking Soda May Shorten Seniors’ Lives The study’s senior author was Neil Murphy who is a scientist with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, located ... Read more

Heart Surgery and the Elderly

You or your senior loved one probably know another senior who has undergone some sort of heart surgery in their life. This is because elderly patients are the fastest growing part of the US population and those aged over 85 undergo heart surgery in the greatest increase of numbers. Because the elderly population is more likely to experience chronic medical diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and more, it is not hard to understand why an increasing number of elderly people are now ... Read more
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