Do You Know How You Can Reduce the Risk of Stroke? What You Need to Know.

Home Health Care near Manhasset, NY – Essential Tips to Lower Your Risk of Stroke There are many misconceptions about what a stroke is and how it affects someone. A stroke is actually a change in how the blood flows to the brain. The brain is one of the most, sensitive organs in the body. Aside from controlling all of the functions, everything from memories to bodily commands are stored in the brain. When a stroke happens, the brain loses the vital nutrients ... Read more

Are You a Parent of a Child With a Disease? Discover Ways to Include the Siblings of a Child that Has a Disease.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Rockville Center, NY – Strengthening the Family If you are the parent of a child with a neuromuscular disease (NMD), you may spend a lot of your time focusing on how to make life more comfortable and enjoyable for this child. While this is extremely important, it’s also imperative for you to take time to explain the disease and listen to concerns from siblings. Having a child with a neuromuscular disease can affect the entire family. Often times, ... Read more

Understanding, and Accepting Elderly Home Care is About Your Loved One, and Not You as A Family Caregiver Is of The Utmost Importance. Learn Three Things That Can Help You do While Providing Elder Care.

Three Ways You Can be Happier Providing Elder Care for a Loved One near Manhasset, NY Whenever you are planning to provide some type of elder care for an aging parent, grandparent, or other loved one, you will likely discover the tremendous stress that comes along with this line of work. Make no mistake, it is a job and needs to be treated as such. Even though it’s your family member, somebody you love and care about, that doesn’t change the basic fact ... Read more

Learn The Various Benefits of Making Good Healthy Choices- Start TODAY !

Home Health Care near Great Neck, NY – How Diet and Exercise Choices Affect Health There are a lot of ways we can choose to live healthier. We look around and see our friends and colleagues our age and wonder what happened when one of them develops a critical illness or is diagnosed with a disease. In many cases, these illnesses could be averted through proper diet and exercise. Although we can’t avoid every sickness by being healthy, it sure increases our ... Read more

What are the Main Risk Factors For a Stroke? Learn Here.

Senior Care near Plainview, NY – Preventing Stroke – What Everybody Should Know! Stroke is one of the most dangerous yet most preventable serious health concern many seniors face. If people were more acquainted with the risks of stroke, preventive measures could be taken to significantly reduce the risks. There are common warning signs a stroke is imminent. When these warning signs are heeded and treatment is put in place immediately, recovery is much more successful. These facts about stroke may surprise you: 85% ... Read more

Do You Worry About the Safety of Your Senior Parent when Leaving their Home? Find Out How a Home Security System Can Help.

Home Security Systems Could Help Alleviate Some Level of Caregiver Stress in Floral Park, NY Being a family caregiver comes with a great deal of responsibility. You want to make sure your elderly loved one is safe in their home and that they are healthy. Any time you say goodbye and head home for the evening or the day, you may wonder whether they are still safe, whether you forgot to do something, or what would happen if they fell and couldn’t ... Read more

Does You Child Eat Enough Veggies? Try these Strategies.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Manhasset, NY – Make Veggies More Fun Eating vegetables is a prime example of the faultiness of the “do as I say not as I do” principle. You see, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell your children to eat their vegetables. If they don’t see you doing it, they won’t either. But since vegetables are a necessary part of a healthy balanced diet, maybe parents and children can re-discover vegetables together! Don’t be limited by steaming ... Read more

Learn How Important It is for Your Senior Parent’s Diets to Include Lots of Veggies?

Elderly Care near Manhasset, NY – Eat More Green Beans We have always heard the same thing over and over, “Eat your vegetables, don’t eat lots of candy, etc.” Unfortunately, for those with a sweet tooth, those parents and doctors were correct. Eating vegetables has enormous health benefits and fill our bodies with the things it needs the most. If your senior parent has turned to sweets and is eating a less healthy diet, this can become a concern. As our parents age, ... Read more

Did You Know Home Health Care Covers a wide Range of Medical services? Find Out some Examples.

Home Health Care in Floral Park, NY – The Answer to Your Home Medical Needs When your parent has an illness or injury it affects the entire family. Everyone is worried about their well-being. Some people think putting their elderly loved ones into a skilled nursing facility is the only option besides hospital care. Did you know home health care covers a wide range of medical services, and they can be performed in your parent’s home? Think about how nice it would ... Read more

Name Change After Star Wedding

Star Multi Care recently welcomed back their Branch Coordinator with a new name.  Formerly known as Lauren Muller, and returning to the office after Honeymooning in Jamaica, Mrs. Lauren Lafontaine formally announced her name change.  Lauren was wed to Marlin Lafontaine at the exquisite Metropolitan in Glen Cove, NY.  Their nuptials were witnessed by over 200 family members and friends, including some Star Multi Care co-workers.  “A wonderful time was had by all!  Lauren and Marlin looked amazing and so happy ... Read more
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