Children and Asthma: How to Reduce the Risks of Hospitalizations

Pediatric Home Health Care in Manhasset NY Asthma can impact a child's ability to sleep, the activities they can participate in, and the games they play. The National Heart, lung, and Blood Institute define this chronic condition as a lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways, causing shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, coughing, and wheezing. Asthma affects over 6 million adolescents under the age of 18 and has even lead to hospitalizations for the more severe cases. The reason ... Read more

Caregiver Tips: When Your Parents Try to Parent Your Children

Caregiver in Plainview NY Being a family caregiver for your elderly loved ones means putting yourself in the so-called "sandwich generation"; the segment of society that is taking care of both children and aging adults. While this gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with both generations of your loved ones, and can even let those generations learn from one another and create meaningful memories, it can also present uncomfortable and tense situations that you need to learn to handle as ... Read more

Elderly Care Tips: Creative Ways to Save Thanksgiving Leftovers

Elderly Care in Northport NY Thanksgiving is all about the holiday feast, and the day after, it is all about the leftovers. Thanksgiving leftovers are some of the most beloved traditions of this holiday, and they can be a fantastic way to simplify your holiday season elderly care approach. With some creative thinking and advance planning, you can turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into a premade menu for weeks after. Try some of these creative ideas, and share them with your aging loved ones' ... Read more

Home Care Tips: Helping Men Cope with Incontinence After Prostate Cancer

Home Care in North Port NY Incontinence is an issue that is often associated specifically with women due to the frequency with which women who have had children experience incontinence because of the weakening of their muscles during pregnancy and delivery. Incontinence is an extremely common symptom, however, for men who have recently coped with prostate cancer. If your aging father has recently gone through prostate cancer, helping him face and deal with incontinence can be a crucial element of your home ... Read more

Senior Care Activities: Supporting the Local Art Community Together

Senior Care in Plainview NY Art is a wonderful way to enhance your senior care journey with your aging loved ones by stimulating their minds, encouraging creativity and imagination, and fostering sharing, conversation, and self-expression. Supporting the local art community together is a fantastic way to get all of these benefits of art, while also encouraging your senior parents to feel more relevant within the community, less isolated, and more active. Support the local art community also allows you to be a more ... Read more

Caregiver Tips: Top Five Autumn On-the-Go Supplies

Caregiver in Stonybrook NY Being a family caregiver for your aging loved one often means constantly being on the go. Whether you are bringing them to doctors' appointments and running errands, bringing your children to school and going to extra-curricular activities, or commuting to and from work and your own activities, taking care of elderly family members as well as the other members of your family and yourself can mean always having something else to do and somewhere else to be. Living ... Read more

Elderly Care Recipes: City Ham with Glaze

Elderly Care in Dix Hills NY The holidays are right around the corner and for those on an elderly care journey with their aging parents, the time can seem to slip right by and before you know it, the guests are arriving and you are going to be expected to have dinner ready for them. Starting to prepare now will help you to be confident heading into the holiday season and ensure that when the time comes, you have everything ready and ... Read more

Home Care Awareness: Sinus Infections

Home Care in Huntington NY The fall may be a wonderful and beautiful time for you to spend with your elderly loved ones, but it is also a time when germs thrive and people are at higher risk of developing infections and illnesses. Older adults are even more vulnerable than younger adults because they tend to have weaker immune systems that make it easier for them to catch the illnesses, but also more difficult for them to fight them off. Preparing yourself ... Read more

Planning Healthy Meals for Children With Down Syndrome

Pediatric Home Health Care in Manhasset NY Many children with Down syndrome require professional pediatric home care, and pediatric caregivers and family members should work together to ensure the health of the child. Planning healthy meals is an essential part of caring for these special needs children, and the right foods can help to prevent or treat health problems common in children with Down syndrome. Here’s a closer look at some helpful tips family members and pediatric care professionals can use to ... Read more

How a Home Care Provider Can Help Seniors Keep Up with Their Personal Hygiene

Home Care in Plainview NY Personal hygiene is one of the basic elements of taking care of yourself and some of the first things that people learn how to do on their own. For seniors with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, however, personal hygiene can become a struggle that can make a negative impact on their mental, emotional, and even physical health. A home care provider can make this care task easier and more approachable for your seniors, ensuring that they ... Read more
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