Learn How Important It is for Your Senior Parent’s Diets to Include Lots of Veggies?

Elderly Care near Manhasset, NY – Eat More Green Beans We have always heard the same thing over and over, “Eat your vegetables, don’t eat lots of candy, etc.” Unfortunately, for those with a sweet tooth, those parents and doctors were correct. Eating vegetables has enormous health benefits and fill our bodies with the things it needs the most. If your senior parent has turned to sweets and is eating a less healthy diet, this can become a concern. As our parents age, ... Read more

Did You Know Home Health Care Covers a wide Range of Medical services? Find Out some Examples.

Home Health Care in Floral Park, NY – The Answer to Your Home Medical Needs When your parent has an illness or injury it affects the entire family. Everyone is worried about their well-being. Some people think putting their elderly loved ones into a skilled nursing facility is the only option besides hospital care. Did you know home health care covers a wide range of medical services, and they can be performed in your parent’s home? Think about how nice it would ... Read more

Name Change After Star Wedding

Star Multi Care recently welcomed back their Branch Coordinator with a new name.  Formerly known as Lauren Muller, and returning to the office after Honeymooning in Jamaica, Mrs. Lauren Lafontaine formally announced her name change.  Lauren was wed to Marlin Lafontaine at the exquisite Metropolitan in Glen Cove, NY.  Their nuptials were witnessed by over 200 family members and friends, including some Star Multi Care co-workers.  “A wonderful time was had by all!  Lauren and Marlin looked amazing and so happy ... Read more

What is Leptospirosis? Find Out How You Contract this Infection.

Pediatric Home Health Care near Huntington, NY When you have a chronically ill child in your home you have to take extra precautions not to bring in any germs, bacteria, viruses etc. into the home. This can be very difficult especially when you have other young children going to school each day and being exposed to many different things and coming home again. It can’t always be prevented. Pediatric home health care can provide medical care and attention to your child in the ... Read more

Are You Caring for a Parent that has Dementia, and Not Keeping up with their Personal Hygiene? Learn How Creating a Daily Routine could Help?

Senior Care in Floral Park, NY – Helping a senior with Dementia to Stay Hygienic If you have a loved one who has dementia, you may begin to notice that personal hygiene has become a struggle. Simple tasks such as showering, brushing teeth, and getting dressed become more difficult. As your loved one’s dementia advances, you may need to assist them with these daily tasks. There is a chance that they will get more aggressive with you or just flat out refuse ... Read more

A Little TLC for Colds and Flu – Try These Techniques to Bring Some Relief

Pediatric Home Health Care near Plainview, NY The first instinct for a parent when baby is feeling sick is to give comfort – hugs, favorite stuffed animal, warm blanket, something to drink. You may even have a few favorite simple home remedies for colds and flu that have been passed down in your family. If your child is under 4 years old, don’t give over the counter cough and cold remedies. For children between age 4 and 6 it’s best to talk ... Read more

Do You Know How You Can Conserve Energy? Find Out How.

Will You Shut that Light Off? Energy Savings and Senior Care near Rockville Center, NY Now this is a mouthful: October is Energy Management is a Family Affair-Improve Your Home Month. What does this mean with regard to senior care? It means that there are generally dozens of things that any homeowner can do that cannot only improve the energy efficiency of their house, but also save them money on their utility bills every month. One of the easiest things to do is ... Read more

Looking for Ideas for Fall do with Kids? Try Something New

Pediatric Home Health Care near Great Neck, NY – Fun Fall Activities for Kids of All Ages Who can believe summer is coming to an end? No one wants it to, that’s for sure! Fall can be quite lovely though, and there are many fun arts and crafts to do. Here is a great list for you to choose from: Take pictures of each child in an orange outfit surrounded by a bunch of large pumpkins Go to a local orchard and pick apples. ... Read more

What Options Do I have? Dad Needs Help Since he had a Heart Attack.

Coping Mechanisms for the Reluctant Elder Care Provider in Floral Park, NY “One Daughter Coping with Her Decision in Floral Park, NY” When the call came in, Sara was out running errands. She had three kids, all teenagers now, and it seemed that between soccer practices, school play rehearsals, and even the occasional detention, she was running around like crazy every day. When she got that call from the hospital telling her that her father had a heart attack, she knew that he ... Read more

Overwhelmed Taking Care Of Mom Since Her Fall?

Senior Care Solutions near Manhasset, NY It was not too long ago when I felt that my life was moving along exactly how I had hoped it would be where I had a good job, a supportive family, got to spend time with quality friends, and the future was looking bright. When my elderly mother slipped and fell, I didn’t think twice about stepping up to offer her the proper level of senior care. I figured that I had the time to stop ... Read more
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