Helping an Elderly Parent who has Gout

Gout is the result of uric acid needle-like crystals deposited in tissues and joints. It is the most common inflammatory arthritis among men and can produce severe pain in its acute phase. Appearance Gout has several stages, some of which produce no outwardly visible signs and others that produce acute flare-ups accompanied by intense pain, redness and swelling of the affected area.  It is commonly associated with the big toe, but may be found in other joints as well such as the knees, ... Read more

What Are the Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure?

Caregiver in Dix Hills NY High blood pressure impacts approximately 1 in every 3 adults throughout the United States. This accounts for around 75 million adults in the nation, or 32 percent of the total adult population of the country. Only around 54 percent of those who are living with the condition actually have their condition under control, and manage it properly on a regular basis. As a family caregiver it is important that you understand not only the serious dangers that ... Read more

Exercise Tips for Elders with Arthritis

Elder Care in Massapequa NY Arthritis affects approximately 21 million people, causing them to feel painful inflammation of their joints. The pain can sometimes become too much to handle, resulting in the elder living a more stationary life. What these seniors do not realize is that exercise can actually lessen the intense sensations they have in order to help them continue living their life without the constant worry that their arthritis will flare up. With these exercise tips and the approval of their ... Read more

Loss of Balance in an Aging Parent

Senior Care in Huntington NY 95% of hip fractures, the second leading cause of hospitalization among the elderly, are caused by falling. It’s understandable why loss of balance can be a frightening experience for an aging parent. In many instances, it is a slow progression from a sense of slight instability to the need for devices that provide support such as a walker. Causes Low Blood Pressure. The dizziness associated with low blood pressure is most common when an individual goes from a ... Read more

What Kind of Support Might You Need for Your Elderly Loved One at Home?

Elderly Care in Rockville Center NY One of the things that family caregivers may not think about right away is the potential need for outside help. Having other family members or even elderly care providers available to pitch in with general household tasks can make life so much easier for both you and your elderly loved one. Yard Work Your elderly loved one may enjoy getting out into the yard or garden and taking care of extremely light duties, but she may not be ... Read more

How to Set up a Daily Routine for Yourself as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver in Stonybrook NY Setting up a daily routine for yourself when you're a family caregiver may sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be. The first thing that you need is a blank piece of paper. Divide it up into the seven days of the week and include times along the side. Now you have a template into which you can start fitting all of your activities. Start out by blocking out your sleep times and then go from there. Add Activities ... Read more

Why Is Elder Care Important for a Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Elder Care in Northport NY In your role as a family caregiver for an elderly adult who is suffering Alzheimer’s disease you will need to make many important decisions. One of the most pressing and potentially most impactful of these decisions is whether to start elder care for them. For many caregivers, this can be an extremely difficult decision. When you first get started on your care journey with your elderly parent it is likely that you wanted to do everything that ... Read more

When to Integrate a Home Care Provider

Home Care in Massapequa NY As a family caregiver, you have the daily routine down. You know what tasks need to be completed, what appointments need to be kept, what groceries need to be bought and meals prepared. It may be tempting at times to keep the schedule intact; the routine has become soothing. It’s like stepping into a new job and finding that what seemed overwhelming three months ago, now seems like second nature. Home Care Provider Integrating a home care provider into ... Read more

The Fine Line between Keepsakes and Hoarding

Senior Care in Rockville Center NY Your parent has always been a keepsake kind of person. Every vacation ended up with a bag of mementos making their way back home. Each birthday party was marked by a symbolic token. On top of those, your parent got into collectables. The collection of vases, dishes and pottery items along with the caps from almost every state in America has become somewhat overwhelming. Counters, sinks and even the stove seem to be buried under piles ... Read more

How to Keep Your Loved One’s Spirits High When She’s Dealing with Arthritis Pain

Elder Care in Floral Park NY Arthritis and its constant pain can be enough to really damage your loved one's emotional health, especially if she's been dealing with pain for a long time. There are some tactics you can try, however, to help keep your loved one's spirits higher. Look at Improvements You Can Make around the House If your loved one is frustrated because there are too many things that are difficult or painful at home, her spirits are going to suffer. Look ... Read more
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