What Are the Best Ways to Keep Caregiver Stress from Taking Over?

Caregiver in Huntington NY Caregivers are subject to a great deal of stress during their time offering care to others. Some days it's easier to manage than it is on other days, but these ideas can help. Practice Patience and Compassion Having patience with your elderly loved one and the other people that you encounter during your days will help you to automatically keep stress in check. When you're impatient, your stress levels are bound to rise along with your impatience. Maintaining compassion is ... Read more

Lyme Disease – What Caregivers Need to Know

Home Care in Plainview NY Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted through tick bites, is a disease that we often hear about more often during the summer months.  When you and your loved one are out and about more often hiking, spending time at the park, and gardening you may be at a higher risk for getting bitten by the deer tick, which can lead to Lyme disease.  Unlike a mosquito bite or spider bite, Lyme disease presents itself as more than ... Read more

Sensory Caregiver Stress Relief – Touch

Caregiver in Rockville Center NY The five senses are all important in their own way when it comes to interacting with the world and receiving valuable stimulation from what is going on around you. One sense that is often overlooked for its importance, however, is the sense of touch. According to research, the sense of touch is one of the most powerful means of managing your emotions, and the lack of this stimulation can mean serious consequences for your mental, emotional, and ... Read more

How to Prepare for a Difficult Discussion with Your Elderly Loved One

Senior Care in Northport NY Sometimes as a family caregiver you're going to have to have difficult talks with your elderly loved one. Preparation is the key to making these talks productive. Think about Her Possible Reaction to the Topic Before you even broach the difficult topic, ask yourself how your loved one is likely to respond to what you have to say. It's possible that you already know how she will react, but try to go into as much detail when you think ... Read more

Is There More Than One Type of Dementia?

Elder Care in Dix Hills NY It is very common for a person to hear the word "dementia" and immediately think "Alzheimer's disease". Alzheimer's is a condition that many family caregivers dread for their parent, and that receives a tremendous amount of attention when it comes to cognitive challenges and limitations. While Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia, however, it is not the only form. This means that while all people who have Alzheimer's disease have dementia, not all people who ... Read more

What are the Complications of Dry Mouth?

Elder Care in Massapequa NY Dry mouth is a common ailment among elderly adults.  Certain chronic medical conditions can cause it as can many medications.  There are several medications, both over the counter and prescription, that list dry mouth as a common side effect.  While dry mouth may just seem like an uncomfortable side effect, the truth is that untreated dry mouth can lead to other complications, some of which can be serious.  If you are a caregiver for an elderly loved ... Read more

Why Older Adults Should be Drinking Iced Tea

Home Care in Stonybrook NY The hot, humid days of summer call for a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink. If tea is usually your loved one’s go-to drink, they will also enjoy a cold glass of iced tea. This drink will not only help cool them down, but also has several health perks. Older adults who are in need of a home care service due to a chronic illness or pain may also appreciate what iced tea can do for their bodies. Benefits of Drinking ... Read more


Home Care in Melville NY Star Multi Care Services celebrated another profitable year in the business of Home Health Care.  This year will commemorate their seventy eighth (78th) year providing in-home services to the residents of New York, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  For the past 30 years, the company has been owned and operated by Stephen Sternbach who is pictured above (front row in purple) with his management team. Stephen holds a retreat each year to allow his management team to evaluate the ... Read more

How Can You Help Your Senior Recover after Heart Surgery?

Caregiver in Massapequa NY The thought that your aging parent needs to undergo heart surgery can be daunting. Though this is a routine procedure that doctors perform regularly, it can be frightening to think of your aging loved one having to go through the process. As a caregiver, it is your responsibility to help your loved one not only prepare for the surgery effectively but also get through it and the recovery in the best way possible. It is important to prepare ... Read more

Non-Salt Sources of Iodine

Elder Care in Huntington NY Iodine is a mineral that elderly adults (and people of all ages) need so that they thyroid can function properly.  Table salt is typically fortified with iodine to help people to get all of the iodine they need.  If your elderly loved one is cutting back on salt, however, to eat a more heart-healthy diet, then it is essential that they get their iodine from other sources.  Here is a list of healthy foods that also contain ... Read more
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