Visiting an Indoor Water Park

Caregiver in Huntington NY If you are like many family caregivers, you are always looking for ways to pursue your care goals for your aging parent that are fun, engaging, and enable you to bring in other members of your family for a multigenerational care experience. Making your care approach for your aging parents something that involves your children and your partner, and possibly even other members of your extended family, can offer a wide variety of benefits including not forcing you ... Read more

Healthy Ways to Replace the Oil in Baked Goods

Home Care in Dix Hills NY   Healthy fats are good for people of all ages, including elderly adults.  For elderly adults, healthy fats can promote good brain health, healthy skin, and help them to maintain a healthy skin.  However, not all fats are considered “healthy fats”, especially in the quantities that the typical American consumes them.  Oftentimes, these unhealthy fats are found in tasty, sweet treats such as cookies, brownies, and cakes.  Fortunately, there are ways to transform these favorite treats into ... Read more

Could Your Loved One Be Facing Liver Disease?

Senior Care in Massapequa NY As your loved one ages, different organs and systems in his body are likely to start showing damage. One of the most important is the liver. Damage to the liver affects the entire body, so it's important to understand a little bit about liver disease and how it can affect your elderly loved one. What the Liver Does Your loved one's liver is the largest organ in his body and it's located on the right side of his abdomen. ... Read more

3 Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One with Her Self-Esteem

Elderly Care in Massapequa NY Having strong self-esteem encourages your elderly loved one to have confidence in her own abilities. As her self-esteem dips, depression can set in and that's dangerous for your loved one's health. Try some of these tips to help build up your loved one's self-esteem. Up Her Social Game Sometimes an elderly loved one will have lower self-esteem because she doesn't have the same social outlet that she used to have. Between work, kids, grandkids, and other social activities, people ... Read more

4 Tips to Help Your Loved One with COPD Get More Calories

Senior Care in Stonybrook, NY COPD is tough on your elderly loved one from a breathing standpoint, to be sure. But it also does a number on his weight. People with COPD burn calories a lot faster than people without COPD, mainly because they have to work so much harder to get the oxygen that they need. For that reason, it can be difficult for your loved one to maintain his weight. Here are some ideas that can help him to get ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Shopping for Heart Health

Senior Care in Manhasset NY According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death among American adults of both sexes, with women dying from strokes nearly 33 percent more often than men. This means that their heart health should be an important focus throughout your home care journey with them, and any doctor will tell you that a large part of protecting their heart health starts right in the grocery store. While there are many risk factors ... Read more

Tips for Caregivers – Beating Caregiver Guilt

Caregivers in Plainview NY Caregiving is often a selfless and thankless job. While it can be very rewarding at times, many caregiver find themselves plagued with feelings of guilt. Caregivers may constantly wonder if they are doing enough to help their loved one, spending enough quality time with their family, making the right decisions when it comes to their loved one’s health, and more. While guilt is a natural feeling for caregivers to experience, too much guilt can get in the way ... Read more

Employment Opportunities in New York

Employment Opportunities Star Multi Care would like you to join our New York team.  We are a premier home health care provider servicing clients in Long Island and surrounding boroughs.  We offer a competitive wage and benefit package including bonuses.  Call today to schedule an interview at 631-424-STAR (7827) or visit us online at The following positions are currently available: Home Health Aides – all shifts (especially weekends) and live-in companion cases are currently available in most areas.  Call today for more information. Call ... Read more

What are Microminerals and Why do Elderly Adults Need Them in Their Diet?

Elderly Care in Floral Park NY Microminerals are a class of minerals that elderly adults (and all people) need in their diet but in smaller amounts.  Minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium are all minerals that we need in large amounts to maintain good health and nutrition.  But, for minerals such as zinc, chromium, copper, selenium, and iodine, a little bit (just a few micrograms) goes a long way.  Even though our bodies only require small amounts of the microminerals, they ... Read more

Home Care Awareness: Are Your Parents Losing Too Much Weight?

Home Care in Stonybrook NY Many home care journeys feature a goal of getting seniors to a healthy weight and helping them to maintain it. This often involves adjusting their diet and encouraging them to get more physical activity so that they can trim off those excess pounds and keep them off for better health throughout their later years. What if, however, your parents not only do not need to reduce their weight, but seem to have lost too much weight? Realizing ... Read more
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