Elder Care Tip: March is International Listening Awareness Month

Elder Care in Great Neck NY People who make time during International Listening Awareness month every year will, over the years, perfect the listening side of their communicating selves. Listening to others sends the message that, "You are important, I value what you have to say." People are not always aware of the messages they send during conversations with friends. Pay attention to other people, what do they do differently? If someone wants to know if they are a good listener, the first ... Read more


Star Multi Care in Melville NY Earlier this year, Lauren Scalcione, Administrator and Luci Devito, Administrative Assistant attended a job fair at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Ronkonkomo, New York.  The event was sponsored by the Long Island Job Finder with over 600 participants attending.   The fair was offered free of charge to the public. Lauren is hoping to attract over 20 new employees to fill a recent influx of new cases the branch has recently received.  “Some people may think ... Read more

Pediatric Home Health Care – Strategies for Children with FASD

Pediatric Home Health Care in Great Neck NY When Nick and Selena adopted their 5 year-old daughter, they knew they had their work cut out for them. She had been diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) among other health conditions. They were excited to face whatever life had to bring them, and they learned a lot along the way. Looking back, here are some of the things they learned from their journey together. 1.      Know ahead there will be some difficulties and ... Read more

Senior Care Products: Choosing the Right Incontinence Products for Your Parents

Senior Care in Huntington NY For many seniors, incontinence is a reality of getting older. Having children, prostate cancer, and many other factors go into having less control over their bladder.  Regardless of the reason behind it, aging adults find it difficult and even embarrassing to cope with the effects. If your elderly parents are dealing with incontinence, making it a part of your daily senior care plan can be a challenge for both of you. With an estimated 30 percent or more ... Read more

Compassionate Elderly Care: Helping Memories with Homemade Picture Books

Rockville Center, NY - Compassionate Elderly Care: Picture Books Significant memory loss is not a normal part of the aging process, but for some seniors, cognitive disorders, dementia, and other problems can make remembering even basic things a serious challenge. If your aging parents have difficulty remembering names, seem to struggle coming up with words, or are showing other signs of significant memory problems, making managing this memory loss part of your elderly care plan.  It will help your elderly parents exercise ... Read more

Being a Caregiver for a Spouse with Parkinson’s: Approach this the Right Way

Dix Hills, NY - Being a Caregiver for a Spouse with Parkinson’s When Brian went to the doctor with his wife, they never expected her to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She was 56 years old and had only noticed a few minor issues with her health. That was more than 10 years ago, and since that time Brian has been her caregiver on a regular basis. One thing he learned through his experience as her caregiver is that it’s absolutely essential to ... Read more

Pediatric Home Health Care – 11 Fun Ways to Cheer a Sick Child

Pediatric Home Health Care in Plainview, NY – 11 Fun Ways to Cheer a Sick Child It’s heartbreaking for parents to see their child sick and discouraged. Being happy and having a positive state of mind will help your child heal and recover. Physical health and mental health are very much inter-related to each other. Here is a list of 11 fun ways to bring happiness and joy to your child’s heart and cheer them up a little. 1.      Take turns drawing pictures ... Read more

5 Ways that Visiting Nurses Care for the Home Care Client

Manhasset, NY - 5 Ways that Visiting Nurses Care for the Home Care Client As National IV Nurses Date is January 25, it’s a good opportunity to talk about ways that these professionals can support the home care services client. Not everyone who requires an in home care provider will need a visiting nurse. In fact, the vast majority of elderly patients who call on home care providers don’t need any direct medical care at home. For those who do, it’s a great asset ... Read more

What Do Siblings of Sick Children Need?

Pediatric Home Health Care in Great Neck, NY – What Do Siblings of Sick Children Need? It’s not easy as a parent to have a sick child, especially when there are other dependent children in the family.  When your child returns home from the hospital, pediatric nursing care is the ideal solution. Your child gets the medical attention he or she needs while you can tend to your job, your spouse and the needs of the other children. What are the needs of your other ... Read more

Obtaining Happiness In Life

Home Care in Floral Park, NY – Obtaining Happiness in Life A recent study on happiness shows that self-acceptance may be the path to overall satisfaction in life.  At the University of Hertfordshire, psychologists identified three actions that increase self-acceptance and ten ways to be happier. ·       Be kind to yourself and notice the small, positive things you accomplish. ·        Ask a friend or family member to share their feelings about you. ·        Spend some quiet time by yourself to focus on ... Read more
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