Four Ways to Deal with Sudden Stress as a Caregiver

As a caregiver, you may find that stress can balloon up out of the blue very quickly. If you've got some techniques that help, you can stay calm, cool, and collected. These techniques are some easy ones to start with and you can build on them as you need to do so. Repeat a Positive Mantra Mantras are short, simple statements that are positive and easy to remember. During times of extreme stress, mantras can help you focus on that positivity. You might ... Read more

Deaths from Falls on the Rise

An alarming report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that deaths from falls among older adults is up 31 percent since 2007. While you might at first think the increase is due to the fact that the senior population is getting larger, the CDC says they adjusted the rate to account for the increased population. The exact reason for the increase in deaths from falls is not clear, but scientists suspect it may have something to do with ... Read more

What is Delirium?

Janet’s father, Henry, was in the hospital for a serious infection. One day while Janet was visiting, Henry began to speak incoherently. He was extremely confused and agitated. Janet had never seen him that way before. Panicking, she called the nurse into the room. Later, after Henry was examined by the doctor, Janet was told that her father was experiencing delirium, a problem not uncommon in older adults. About Delirium The Mayo Clinic defines delirium as “a serious disturbance in mental abilities that ... Read more

My Elderly Loved One Needs to Get Out More

Is your elderly loved one dependent on you, family members and elder care providers for their daily care? If their physical abilities have diminished enough that they cannot complete basic self-care tasks, they need a support group that works together for their basic needs. However, once the basics like hygiene, food and housework are covered, what about their mental and emotional needs? It’s too easy for seniors with physical challenges to sit around all day at home, becoming more isolated each week. ... Read more


We never expect to need long term care services. However, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “someone turning 65 has almost a 70% chance of needing some type of long term care services”. In addition, the cost of long term care is extremely expensive. According to the NYS Department of Finance, “nursing home costs are approximately $142,350 per year in the Long Island area”. So who will pay for this service? Most people assume Medicare will cover the ... Read more

Are You Overlooking Resources in Your Community that Can Help with Caregiving?

When you're a caregiver, you're constantly looking for resources that can help you to be a better caregiver and to give your senior the best help possible. Try some of these ideas for finding help. Agencies that Help Elderly Adults Almost every area has agencies that help senior citizens. You're likely to have a better mix of these types of agencies in a larger metropolitan area, of course, but just because you're in a rural area that doesn't mean you don't have this ... Read more

Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

One of the advantages of having senior care for your aging relative is that it gives them the opportunity to stay involved and active. One of the things senior care providers can do is help older adults to celebrate special days, including silly holidays like National Ice Cream Day, which occurs on July 17th this year. If your parent enjoys a sweet, creamy ice cream treat, here are 5 ways senior care providers can help them to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. #1 ... Read more

Five Tips When Time Is Getting Away from You as a Busy Caregiver

Every caregiver has those times when it feels like time just isn't cooperating. Here are some ideas for getting a handle on time management again as a busy caregiver. Prioritize What Has to Be Done Some tasks are more important than others. It might not feel that way, especially when you're doing so much, but it's true. The key for you is to sit down and look at what needs to be done and determine a priority for each of those tasks. When ... Read more

What Causes Hospital Induced Delirium?

Hospital induced delirium can be a very frightening issue during hospitalization. Experts estimate that approximately half of all elderly adults in the United States who end up hospitalized will contract hospital induced delirium. This is a change in cognitive functioning or awareness that can lead to many different issues and consequences for your aging parent. From increased risk of falling to higher potential for death in the next year, delirium can make a serious negative impact on your parents current health, ... Read more

Star Multi Care Takes the AARP Employer Pledge

Star Multi Care believes in Equal Opportunity for all. In so doing, we have recognized the value of the mature workforce and have recently joined the nationwide efforts of the AARP Employer Pledge Program. The AARP Employer Pledge Program is “a nationwide group of employers (over 500 strong and growing) which stands with AARP in affirming the value of experienced workers and which are committed to developing diverse, high-performing organizations by leveraging workers of all ages. Smart employers know that the multigenerational ... Read more
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