Are There Different Kinds of Aphasia?

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month. If you’re not sure what aphasia is, though, you’re not alone. Aphasia is a condition that affects a person’s language abilities. It may cause problems with speaking, understanding, reading, or writing. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), there are currently about one million people in the United States affected by aphasia. But, they aren’t all affected in the same way. Experts say there are multiple kinds of aphasia. Understanding aphasia ... Read more

What Do You Need to Know about Managing Hip Fractures as a Caregiver?

Hip fractures are exceedingly common for older adults. Your elderly family member could even sustain a hip injury or fracture and not realize it for a time. It's important as a caregiver that you are able to recognize the signs of a possible fracture and that you're able to help her recover. Call Her Doctor if You Suspect a Hip Fracture You might think that a hip fracture would be something that would never be in question, but it definitely happens. Your elderly ... Read more

Is Your Parent at Increased Risk for Cataracts?

Understanding the risks your parent faces as they age in place is one of the most important things you can do for them as their family caregiver. By recognizing the specific risks they face, you can adjust your care routine to reduce this risk, as well as prepare yourself for the possibility of them developing the condition, so you can be ready to give them the care they need. When this comes to cataracts, knowing if your parent is at increased risk ... Read more

Several States Are Coming Up With Fun Ways for Seniors to Stay Mobile

To stay mobile and healthy, seniors are advised to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Getting enough exercise is hard for many seniors. Exercising alone is boring. Fitness programs outside the home can be expensive and hard to get to. To ensure seniors are getting enough exercise, many states are coming up with fun ways for seniors to stay mobile. In addition to daily exercise, seniors are urged to participate in a strength training program at least twice a ... Read more


After receiving the prestigious honor of being named the 2018 Pennsylvania Direct Care Worker of the Year, Ric Williams, an Extended Family Care employee, deserved a celebration commemorating his distinguished award and accomplishments. Stephen Sternbach, the President and CEO of Star Multi Care, the parent Company of Extended Family Care, spared no expense to show Mr. William his gratitude and pride of the esteemed accolade. “Ric’s hard work and dedication got him this award and he deserves to be celebrated”, Mr. ... Read more

Protecting Your Parent From Extreme Heat

As temperatures outside get higher, and we get closer to the summer months, it is important to start thinking about the potential dangers of heat, and what you can do as a family caregiver to protect your senior. Elderly adults are more vulnerable than younger people to the effects of heat, and can suffer severe consequences as a result of exposure to very high temperatures. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your parent from this heat, and help them to stay ... Read more

Strike Out Stroke Month—Education and Awareness

During the month of May, many people grow excited for baseball season to begin. If you go to a major or minor league game, you may notice posters and public service announcements for Strike Out Stroke. This public awareness campaign Is designed to educate people of all ages on how to prevent strokes, as well as what to do in the critical first minutes when someone is having a stroke. Strokes and Elderly Adults Strokes are one of the leading causes of disability ... Read more

Tips for Cleaning Your Parent’s Home to Reduce Allergies

Allergies can be miserable for your aging loved one and can even reduce their activity, diminishing their health. As their family caregiver, you can help your parent to cope with their allergies and experience less severe symptoms simply by making sure that their home is clean. Regular cleaning can make a tremendous difference in the presence of allergens in their home and help to make them more comfortable and allow them to experience fewer, less severe symptoms. Use these tips to help ... Read more

The Sun Feels Good, But Your Parent Needs to Avoid Sun Exposure

By the time you reach the age of 70, you have a 20 percent chance of developing skin cancer. Almost 90 percent of skin cancer cases are linked to sun exposure. The sun does feel great after a long winter. It's also dangerous if your parents are not taking precautions. Here are the things they must be doing when they go outside in the sun. Wear Protective Clothing It can be hard to cover up, but it also offers the best protection from the ... Read more

What’s On the “Dirty Dozen” Produce List?

Each year, a non-profit organization called the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a list of produce that has the highest pesticide levels. The group takes samples of fruits and vegetables to see which ones contain at least some amount of pesticides. You might be surprised to learn what’s on the list. The Dirty Dozen List Samples taken by the EWG revealed that strawberries had the most pesticides on them. 98 percent of strawberry samples had at least some pesticide residue. Shockingly, one sample ... Read more
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