Caregiver Stress Can Sneak Up on You

Most of the time illnesses and other health related challenges in life have a tendency to sneak up on us. On some rare occasions we may be hit with the full-blown flu, for example, and be completely caught a surprise. However, most of the time we are readily aware that there are various risk factors surrounding us, so when we do get sick or begin dealing with some serious health issue, we aren’t all that surprised. When you are a family ... Read more

What Factors Influence How Much Stress You’re Likely to Experience as a Family Caregiver?

Caregiver in Northport NY Stress is a normal fact of life, but being a family caregiver adds a little bit of extra stress onto your normal load. Some factors can actually increase the amount of extra stress you're likely to experience. Whether You Volunteered for the Position or Not If you felt that you had no choice but to care for your elderly loved one, you might feel a little bit more stress than the average family caregiver. This could be because there just ... Read more

Tips for Long Distance Caring for Aging Parents

Caregiver in Northport NY For a number of adult children, caring for their senior parents who live far away is just a part of life.  According to a study from Met Life, more than 80% of caregivers who live far away are working and have to make changes to their work to ensure their parents receive the care they need. Also, more than 33% of these family members are reported to have missed work on a number of occasions to care for their loved one, and 12% had to take ... Read more