Is It Time to Take Your Aging Parent’s Car Away?

According to the CDC's 2015 statistics, over 40 million U.S. drivers were over the age of 65. This age group was also in over 236,000 crashes, leading to an excess of 5,700 deaths. To prevent crashes and fatalities occurring from crashes, it's important to know when it's time to take your parent's car keys away. In 2003, an elderly California man became confused and hit the accelerator instead of the brake. He drove his car more than two blocks through a busy ... Read more

Important Safety Considerations for After a Disaster

Caregiver in Plainview NY September is National Preparedness Month. As a family caregiver this is the time for you to ensure that your aging parent is properly prepared for the weather emergencies and other disasters that might occur. Proper preparation can help your senior to get through these frightening situations in the best way possible so that they can move forward when the issue ends. When it comes to preparedness, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your ... Read more

Tips for Caregivers – Beating Caregiver Guilt

Caregivers in Plainview NY Caregiving is often a selfless and thankless job. While it can be very rewarding at times, many caregiver find themselves plagued with feelings of guilt. Caregivers may constantly wonder if they are doing enough to help their loved one, spending enough quality time with their family, making the right decisions when it comes to their loved one’s health, and more. While guilt is a natural feeling for caregivers to experience, too much guilt can get in the way ... Read more

Caregiver Tips: When Your Parents Try to Parent Your Children

Caregiver in Plainview NY Being a family caregiver for your elderly loved ones means putting yourself in the so-called "sandwich generation"; the segment of society that is taking care of both children and aging adults. While this gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with both generations of your loved ones, and can even let those generations learn from one another and create meaningful memories, it can also present uncomfortable and tense situations that you need to learn to handle as ... Read more