Encouraging Dad to Hire Home Care After a Hospitalization

Your father, maybe in his 60s, 70s, or 80s, has recently been hospitalized. You’re concerned about him because, even though his doctor has recommended home care support, he doesn’t seem inclined to believe that’s necessary. Right now, he’s outright refusing to even consider home care support services. This is causing you and the rest of your family a great deal of frustration and anxiety. You don’t want to see him back in the hospital before long. A hospital readmission is technically any time ... Read more

5 Tips to Improve Safety through Elder Care

Elder Care in Rockville Center NY June is National Safety Month, and there are many things people can do to improve safety for elderly individuals. Relying on elder care is just one aspect of improving safety. For family members, friends, or others who may be concerned about safety for elderly loved ones, below are five tips that can help to improve safety for them. Tip #1: Talk to them directly. It’s fine to make assumptions, but unless you actually sit down and have ... Read more

Alzheimer’s Care Activities: Strengthening Your Parents’ Minds on Scrabble Day  

Elder Care in Rockville Center NY As a caregiver offering care for an elderly adult with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia, one of your main care goals should be finding ways to exercise and strengthen your parent's mind. Studies have shown that regular "workouts" for the brain improve cognitive processing and can even help slow down the progression of the disease. Keeping your parent's brain working, however, does not have to mean a never-ending stream of flashcards or having him repeat ... Read more