Your Loved One Has Been Diagnosed with Heart Failure. Now What?

Receiving a diagnosis like heart failure can really throw your loved one and you for a loop. Heart failure is a complex group of issues that your loved one might be able to manage by making a few simple changes. Is Heart Failure as Bad as it Sounds? Heart failure is a term that sounds as if your loved one's heart is no longer functioning at all. In reality, her heart is still working, but not as well as it could or should ... Read more

Home Care Tips: Strategies to Help Your Elderly Loved One Live at Home

Elderly Care in Stonybrook NY Being able to live at home beyond retirement is a dream come true for many older adults because it gives them the ability to maintain their independence, while still receiving in-home care from a trained professional if needed. In fact, AARP conducted a study that showed almost three quarters of its participants wanted to live in their current homes as long as possible. As adults get older, they become weaker and more prone to falls, resulting in ... Read more