What Exercises Are Safe for Your Aging Parents?

When you are caring for your aging parents, there are some things you need to know. One of the most important things to know is which exercises are safe for your elderly parents. You want them to be up and moving around, but you don’t want them to overdo it and get hurt. Here you will learn about some of the safer exercises for the elderly. You can have your parents incorporate these into their exercise routine. Endurance and Aerobic Exercises There are ... Read more

Helping Seniors with Regular Exercises

Family caregivers want to provide their aging relative with every opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. They focus on nutritious meals, encourage them to stop smoking and arrange for elderly care providers to help with bathing, dressing and grooming. However, many family caregivers overlook regular exercise for their elderly loved ones, mistakenly believing that seniors with physical limitations either don’t need exercise or cannot participate in it. The truth is there are lots of ways that family caregivers and elderly care providers ... Read more

Encouraging Your Senior to Get Active Again After Hip Surgery

When many people think about having a serious medical procedure such as hip surgery, they immediately think of people recovering by lying in bed in a hospital. As a family caregiver however, you should understand that if your elderly loved one undergoes hip surgery to treat a hip fracture their doctor will want to get them active again as soon as possible. Getting physically active promotes strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the new hip joint, and helps the body to ... Read more

What Can You Tell Your Senior if She Doesn’t Want to Exercise?

When it comes to talking to your senior about exercise, you might find that she's not excited about the prospect at all. Talking to her about some of these important exercise benefits might make more of a difference than you think. She'll Sleep Better Getting a little more active can help your senior to sleep much better. Other things that can help with sleep can include watching caffeine in the afternoon and sticking to a sleep schedule. If she's still having trouble sleeping, ... Read more

Several States Are Coming Up With Fun Ways for Seniors to Stay Mobile

To stay mobile and healthy, seniors are advised to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Getting enough exercise is hard for many seniors. Exercising alone is boring. Fitness programs outside the home can be expensive and hard to get to. To ensure seniors are getting enough exercise, many states are coming up with fun ways for seniors to stay mobile. In addition to daily exercise, seniors are urged to participate in a strength training program at least twice a ... Read more