Four Tips for Seniors Who Have Trouble Chewing

Your senior might just give up on eating altogether if she’s having a difficult time chewing. Painful chewing or difficulty swallowing make eating way more complicated than it really should be. Some of these options can help. Use Ground Meats Instead of Whole or Cubed Meat Ground meats are a much easier way to get meat into your senior than either whole pieces or even cubed meats. This is an excellent replacement in soups or stews, too, because it doesn’t change the dish and ... Read more

What’s On the “Dirty Dozen” Produce List?

Each year, a non-profit organization called the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a list of produce that has the highest pesticide levels. The group takes samples of fruits and vegetables to see which ones contain at least some amount of pesticides. You might be surprised to learn what’s on the list. The Dirty Dozen List Samples taken by the EWG revealed that strawberries had the most pesticides on them. 98 percent of strawberry samples had at least some pesticide residue. Shockingly, one sample ... Read more

Tips for Flavorful Food Without the Salt

Your aging relative’s doctor may have advised them to lower their sodium intake. Sodium is an element found in salt. So, what the doctor is really asking them to do is to reduce the salt in their diet. Most healthy adults should be aiming for 2,400 mg of sodium per day or less. However, people with high blood pressure shouldn’t eat more than 1,500 mg each day. Sometimes when older adults are placed on a low salt diet, they find their new ... Read more

How Can You Make Meals Easier for Your Senior Family Member?

Meals can be a difficult time for your aging adult for a variety of reasons. Whether she simply doesn't like cooking or finds it too complicated to figure out what to eat, there are things you can do to make meals as easy as possible for your senior. Ask Other Family Members to Contribute a Meal Many caregivers are reluctant to bother other family members, but they can be an excellent source of help when it comes to putting meals together. Let them ... Read more

What is Food Insecurity for Seniors?

Did you know that a growing number of elderly adults are facing what is called food insecurity? This means that more and more seniors are not sure where their next nutritious meal is coming from. While there are many causes of food insecurity in the elderly population, many people aren’t even aware of it. As a family caregiver, you can take steps to ensure that your elderly relative is not suffering from food insecurity. What is Food Insecurity? Food insecurity describes the condition of ... Read more

What Does Your Aging Adult Need to Know about Eating if She’s Also Exercising?

When your aging adult is ready to start exercising, she may not realize that her eating habits are probably about to change, too. Eating healthier foods helps to keep her body fueled to keep up with her new, more active lifestyle. Protein Is Important Protein is one of the building blocks that your senior's body uses to stay healthy and to keep her going. If she's not getting enough protein, she might experience muscle loss or find that she heals more slowly than ... Read more