5 Benefits of Home Care

Americans live busy lives.  Many households have two working parents, kids in school, goal to pursue, and other demands. When an aging parent begins to need care, adult children may often find themselves stepping in to take on this responsibility as well. Although noble, caring for someone who may have suffered a stroke or who has dementia, for example, can be trying. That's why home care is available for aging parents who need care a few hours a week, everyday, or even ... Read more

Lyme Disease – What Caregivers Need to Know

Home Care in Plainview NY Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted through tick bites, is a disease that we often hear about more often during the summer months.  When you and your loved one are out and about more often hiking, spending time at the park, and gardening you may be at a higher risk for getting bitten by the deer tick, which can lead to Lyme disease.  Unlike a mosquito bite or spider bite, Lyme disease presents itself as more than ... Read more

How a Home Care Provider Can Help Seniors Keep Up with Their Personal Hygiene

Home Care in Plainview NY Personal hygiene is one of the basic elements of taking care of yourself and some of the first things that people learn how to do on their own. For seniors with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, however, personal hygiene can become a struggle that can make a negative impact on their mental, emotional, and even physical health. A home care provider can make this care task easier and more approachable for your seniors, ensuring that they ... Read more