Helping a Parent Decide Between Implants or Dentures

Risk versus rewards. As a family caregiver, you will be faced with decisions that are based on this subject on countless of occasions. Is the reward of seeing clearly again worth the risk of cataract surgery? Should your parent continue driving, go through driver rehabilitation, or give up their driver’s license? Are the benefits of a suggested medication worth the possible side effects? Seemingly, at every turn, another question will emerge that will require a look at the gain versus the ... Read more

How to Adapt Your Loved One’s Home for Greater Safety

Home Care in Rockville Center NY As your loved one's health changes, so too does the level of safety in his home. What was safe for him a few months ago may not be now. It's important to take a look at what changes, if any, need to be made to your loved one's home. Assess the Situation Take a look at what is working for your loved one about his living situation and what isn't. He might need hand rails installed in several ... Read more

How a Home Care Provider Can Encourage a More Plant-Based Diet for Your Seniors

Home Care in Rockville Center NY If asked to describe the dietary approach of most elderly adults, the majority of family caregivers would likely say "meat and potatoes". This is because this type of dietary approach was the most popular and most expected type of diet during the years when most of today's seniors were young. While this type of food is comforting and delicious, the majority of people today realize that eating it as the main diet is not the healthiest ... Read more