Five Possible Signs of an Eye Injury

An eye injury can bring your senior down pretty quickly. Some eye injuries aren’t obvious right away, so it helps to know what to watch for so that you can get her help quickly. Blurred or Fuzzy Vision One of the first things your senior might mention could be that she’s unable to see as well, even with corrective lenses. She might say that her vision is fuzzy or blurry, and that can be a big problem. If she’s not able to see ... Read more

Does Your Senior Really Need to See Her Doctor if She Falls?

If your elderly family member has experienced a fall once, she might be shaken up quite a bit. You are probably just as terrified. Even if she doesn’t want to, though, you need to make sure that she sees her doctor right away. There are a variety of reasons for this, but if your senior is resisting the idea, lean heavily on the fact that you want to prevent another occurrence of a fall. Injuries Might Not Show up Right Away After a ... Read more

Massage Therapy Helps Both Seniors and Caregivers

There are many different types of massages, and they can have a myriad of benefits for both seniors and their caregivers. In fact, according to WebMD, there are more than 80 kinds of massage. In some cultures, massage is seen as a regular part of managing health. Weekly or semi-monthly massages are all seen to contribute to feelings of health and wellness. Getting a massage with your senior can both improve their health and reduce your stress as a caregiver. It makes ... Read more

Getting the Conversation Going around the Future

Talking about the future might be something your senior tries to avoid every time you get ready to bring it up. That can be frustrating for you, but it can also cause you to postpone putting changes in place that can help her to have the best quality of life possible. Think about Her Current Home Your senior’s current home situation can give you a lot of ideas about what to talk about. There may be safety changes you can make now or ... Read more

When Do You Need More Help?

There is going to come a time on your caregiving journey when you realize that you might need a little more help. These are some of the most common situations that cause a caregiver to ask that question, but there are definitely others that fit in, too. Your Health Is Suffering If you’ve been ignoring your own physical and emotional health, that’s going to catch up to you. You need to take the hint that your brain and your body are sending you ... Read more

Five Signs That You’ve Found a Great Caregiver

Caregivers often come and go from your parent's life. When you've found a great caregiver, it's easy to feel a tremendous sense of loss when they leave. To make it easier to find new caregivers who are just as good, there are a few key traits you can look for. #1 – Patience When your parent struggles with simple tasks, it can be faster to do it for them. That can also hurt them. Your mom or dad needs to feel independent. The ... Read more

When Is It Time to Hire Home Care Providers?

Is your aging loved one struggling with daily living tasks? Are you too busy to be with them all the time? Even if you wanted to, chances are you have a job, family or other things that prevent you from giving all your time and energy to your elderly relative. If you’ve heard of home care providers, you know that they can be the solution to a family caregiver’s dilemma of being responsible for their elderly loved one when they need ... Read more

Four Tips for Helping Just Enough

There’s a delicate balance when you start helping a senior family member a little more. How can you tell when you’re helping too much or too little? Communication is a big part of this dance, but it’s also about respecting the independence that your elderly family member still has and wants to maintain. Your Senior Is in a Transitional Phase This is an odd phase for your senior to be in. She may have been staunchly independent for her entire life and now ... Read more

What Habits Should Your Dad Kick to Improve His Health?

A chronic disease is one that lasts 12 or more months and requires regular medical care. Some chronic conditions impact how well someone can perform activities of daily living. High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are three examples of chronic health conditions. If your dad wants to improve his health. There are four habits he should break right now. Smoking or Being Around Smoke Does your dad smoke? Does he spend time with smokers? Does he have a fireplace or wood stove? Does ... Read more

Creating an Environment of Healing in Your Senior’s Home

In the vast majority of situations, if your elderly adult goes to the emergency room or undergoes a medical procedure or treatment, their healing doesn't stop when they walk out the door of the facility. Instead, they continue the recovery process at home. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to take as many steps as possible to help them make the most of this recovery time. That includes creating an environment of healing in their home so they ... Read more
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