Four Tips for Helping Just Enough

There’s a delicate balance when you start helping a senior family member a little more. How can you tell when you’re helping too much or too little? Communication is a big part of this dance, but it’s also about respecting the independence that your elderly family member still has and wants to maintain. Your Senior Is in a Transitional Phase This is an odd phase for your senior to be in. She may have been staunchly independent for her entire life and now ... Read more

What Habits Should Your Dad Kick to Improve His Health?

A chronic disease is one that lasts 12 or more months and requires regular medical care. Some chronic conditions impact how well someone can perform activities of daily living. High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are three examples of chronic health conditions. If your dad wants to improve his health. There are four habits he should break right now. Smoking or Being Around Smoke Does your dad smoke? Does he spend time with smokers? Does he have a fireplace or wood stove? Does ... Read more

Creating an Environment of Healing in Your Senior’s Home

In the vast majority of situations, if your elderly adult goes to the emergency room or undergoes a medical procedure or treatment, their healing doesn't stop when they walk out the door of the facility. Instead, they continue the recovery process at home. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to take as many steps as possible to help them make the most of this recovery time. That includes creating an environment of healing in their home so they ... Read more

Start 2019 By Asking Your Parents These Questions About Home Care Needs

In a 2014 AARP survey, 8 out of 10 seniors admit they want to age in their current home. Of those people, about 7 out of 10 say their home has a bedroom and bathroom on the main level. Only 35 percent admitted they have doorways that are wide enough for wheelchairs. Aging at home may be your parents' goal, but do you understand your parents' wishes for home care? The start of a new year is here. Start 2019 by asking ... Read more

Three Mistakes Families Make When Talking About Home Care With Their Parents

The home care services discussion is not an easy one. It's uncommon for the elderly to be happy about hiring caregivers. Even if it's uncomfortable, it's important. It's often made more difficult by approaching it the wrong way. Here are three mistakes families often make when discussing caregivers. They Promise Caregivers Eliminate the Chance of Ever Having to Move The point of caregivers is to make sure your parents get to stay in their home for as long as possible. You shouldn't guarantee that ... Read more

Holiday Stress? Hire a Home Care Services Provider for Your Aging Loved One

Are you feeling the stress of balancing your own holiday needs and desires with what your aging relative needs? Many family caregivers find themselves overwhelmed and anxious as the holidays approach because they realize they cannot do it all. Because the holidays are busy and stressful and wonderful all at the same time, family caregivers want to participate in everything from work parties and community events to personal traditions. Most of the time, their aging relative’s needs interfere. Hiring a home care ... Read more

Will My Elderly Parent Need Post Surgery Care?

Sometimes an injury or illness can create health problems for elderly adults, and their doctor recommends surgery as a treatment. While there are risks for older people to have surgery, most of the time the health problems, pain or prevention must be fixed. The doctor will consult with the elderly adult and their family caregiver on the best plan for the surgery. The recovery process from surgeries big and small can be lengthy and seniors tend to take longer than younger adults ... Read more

Tips for Respectful, Supportive Care for a Senior with Incontinence

Incontinence impacts a large number of people throughout the United States. It can and does affect people of all ages, though it is more likely in women over the age of 40. Elderly adults may experience incontinence for a variety of reasons, and if your senior has developed these symptoms, it is extremely important for you to make respectful, supportive management of this condition an ongoing part of your care routine. Incontinence can be an embarrassing and disheartening symptom for your senior ... Read more

What Can Clutter Tell You about Your Senior’s Situation?

Clutter is definitely irritating, but it can be a bit of a diagnostic tool for you as a caregiver. By digging a little deeper into the clutter situation, you can determine what might be going on. Clutter Has Physical and Psychological Impacts Clutter itself has a lot of physical effects on your senior's environment. In its simplest impacts, it makes the space she's in physically smaller, which can be a problem in an already small environment. The psychological effects of looking around and ... Read more

4 Reasons to Be Thankful You’re a Caregiver

Let’s be honest for a moment…being a caregiver often feels like a thankless task. It’s frustrating, physically and emotionally exhausting, and it takes a lot of time. Yes, it certainly has its downside. You may have days when you wonder how on earth you ever wound up as a caregiver for an elderly relative and just why you’re still doing it. On those days, you probably need a little extra encouragement. So, here’s the thing, even when it’s tough, there are a ... Read more
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