Should I Be Concerned That Mom is Sleeping More?

As you age, your sleep patterns do change. For many seniors, sleepiness arrives earlier and this leads to them getting up earlier. It can be harder for a senior to fall into a deep sleep, so they find themselves waking multiple times each night. Medications may change sleep patterns or even lead to insomnia. If you find your mom is sleeping more, it may not be more than old age. However, there are other reasons she may be sleeping more, so ... Read more

National Nutrition Month

The theme for this year is “Put Your Best Fork Forward”. Designed to remind people that it is the little changes in life that can bring big results, they suggest making small changes in the diet “one forkful at a time”.   Helping your Elderly Parent Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle MyPlate offers easy solutions to busy schedules. Breaking up the plate into various portions helps keep both quality and quantity in check. The recommended distribution is as follows: Half of the plate should consist ... Read more

5 Alternative Treatments that Can Help Your Loved One Deal with Arthritis

Senior Care in Dix Hills NY When your loved one is dealing with painful arthritis, it's frustrating to watch him try to find relief. Working with your loved one's senior care providers and doctors to follow the medical plan that they've set up is a good start, but there are other options, too. Some alternative methods have been around for hundreds of years, both for arthritis and for other health issues. Glucosamine and Other Supplements There aren't any conclusive studies that show any particular ... Read more

Eating Right, Getting Exercise, and Staying Active for Seniors

Senior Care in Dix Hills NY George was never one to really pay much attention to his diet. He married his wife, Melinda, when they were both 19 years old. It was a traditional marriage and she was responsible for taking care of the home and preparing meals for him. They both grew up in a much different social climate and that was considered normal to them. After Melinda passed away, George felt completely lost and alone in the world. Because he didn’t ... Read more