What Is Your Aging Parent’s Wildfire Risk?

Senior Care in Manhasset NY As a family caregiver you understand how important it is to understand the risks that your aging parent faces and what you can do to reduce those risks so that they can stay as safe, healthy, and comfortable as possible throughout their later years. While you may have plans in place for certain risks, such as flooding or severe storms, one risk that you might not have planned for in detail is wildfires. Unlike many other emergencies, ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Shopping for Heart Health

Senior Care in Manhasset NY According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death among American adults of both sexes, with women dying from strokes nearly 33 percent more often than men. This means that their heart health should be an important focus throughout your home care journey with them, and any doctor will tell you that a large part of protecting their heart health starts right in the grocery store. While there are many risk factors ... Read more

Senior Care Tips: Should You be Worrying About Gluten?

Senior Care in Manhasset NY It seems that everywhere you look, from virtually every aisle in the grocery store, to convenience shops, to gourmet snack catalogs, and even to fast food menus, you are being inundated with the concept of the gluten-free diet. Pastas, cereals, prepared foods, frozen meals, nutrition bars, and everything in between boast "gluten-free" stickers, and books touting the benefits of this eating lifestyle, as well as tips and strategies for beginners adopting a diet that lacks gluten. All ... Read more