Four Tips for Caregiving within a Difficult Relationship with Your Senior

As much as you might want to have that picture-perfect relationship with your aging family member, that might not be possible. That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be there for her when she needs you the most, but you may be able to be there in a different way that protects your well-being, too. Writing about What You’re Feeling Can Help You Process Those Emotions Difficult emotions don’t just disappear on their own. You have to deal with them somehow or ... Read more

Ways to Help Your Senior Ease Their Stress During the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful for many people, and some seniors can feel it too. You may see signs in your senior like changes in their sleep habits or in their attitude, or they may isolate themselves and try to just get past the holidays if this is a time of year that causes them grief, stress, or sadness. Include Them One way for your senior to be supported this holiday season is to be included in all of the special things that ... Read more

Four Tips to Get You to Understand Meditation

Dealing with stress as a caregiver of a senior loved one is almost a full-time job on its own. One of the best ways for you to try dealing with your stress levels is to take up meditation. But the act of trying to meditate can be incredibly frustrating for some people. If that describes you, some of these tips might help. The Benefits Mean You Should Try Meditation has some serious benefits for anyone who even gives it a try. You might ... Read more

Finding Balance as a Family Caregiver is Essential

It may not be easy to find balance in life, especially when you have so many things going on, but it’s important. Balance allows you to reduce stress and anxiety, focus on the more positive things in life, and be a better support to friends and family who need you most. When you’re a family caregiver, stress is going to be a part of your life. You may not think it at first, especially because of the relationship you have with that ... Read more

Can You Recognize When You’re Stressed?

One of the very first steps in getting your stress levels under control while you’re a caregiver is to start to recognize what stress looks like for you. Symptoms of stress can be highly individualized and you might not realize just how early you can spot stress in yourself. Stress Doesn’t Look Exactly the Same for Everybody One of the problems that caregivers experience is that stress doesn’t look exactly the same for everyone. You might find that stress makes you eat or ... Read more