When you are caring for your aging parents, there are some things you need to know. One of the most important things to know is which exercises are safe for your elderly parents. You want them to be up and moving around, but you don’t want them to overdo it and get hurt. Here you will learn about some of the safer exercises for the elderly. You can have your parents incorporate these into their exercise routine.

Elderly Care Floral Park NY - What Exercises Are Safe for Your Aging Parents?

Elderly Care Floral Park NY – What Exercises Are Safe for Your Aging Parents?

Endurance and Aerobic Exercises

There are endurance and aerobic exercises that might be safe for your aging parents. Doctors often recommended that the elderly participate in 30 minutes of endurance exercise every day. This is good for their cardiovascular system. It will help to improve their breathing and heart rate. Stationary cycling, swimming, and walking are all great endurance exercises. If your aging parents get tired too easily, they can break up their 30 minutes of exercise into 3 chunks throughout their day. In time, with consistency of these exercises, your aging parents may find they don’t get tired as easily.

Resistance and Strength Training

Your aging parents may benefit from resistance and strength training, as well. These types of exercises will build up the strength in your parent’s muscles. Your parents can use resistance bands, weights, and wall sits. These are just some of the many resistance and strength training exercises your parents can do. This type of exercise should be done 2 to 3 times each week. It is important to work out every muscle group. In time, your parent’s muscles will become stronger and stronger. They will also have a reduced risk for bone loss, improved balance, and reduced chance of falling, too.

Flexibility and Stretching Exercise

It is important that your aging parents do flexibility and stretching exercises, as well. These will stretch their muscles to reduce the risk of injury. This type of exercise will also reduce the stiffness and soreness your parent feels after exercising. Not only that, but these exercises can help to reduce the stress your parent is experiencing at any given time. Exercises such as pilates and yoga are great options for this type of exercise. These both can give your parents the mobility and flexibility they need over time.

Are you taking care of your aging parents? Do you want to know what exercises would be safe for them in the exercise routine that you are creating for them? If so, the above-mentioned exercises should be safe for them. However, it can be helpful to run any exercise routine by their doctor first to make sure it would be safe for your parents. If the doctor approves of the exercise routine, you can start adding these exercises in and they should help your parents feel better and get stronger.

Your loved one’s elderly care providers can help you to plan exercise routines into each day for your elderly loved one.


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