Talking about the future might be something your senior tries to avoid every time you get ready to bring it up. That can be frustrating for you, but it can also cause you to postpone putting changes in place that can help her to have the best quality of life possible.

Think about Her Current Home

Elderly Care Northport NY - Getting the Conversation Going around the Future

Elderly Care Northport NY – Getting the Conversation Going around the Future

Your senior’s current home situation can give you a lot of ideas about what to talk about. There may be safety changes you can make now or there could be maintenance that has been put off. Helping to resolve those issues can give you a way to mention some of the changes that your elderly family member might need to address sooner rather than later if she wants to age in place.

Think about Her Current Health

Is your senior talking to you about the health issues that are bothering her right now? If so, that’s a good way to ease into conversations about possible future issues. She may mention these types of issues in a subtle way, rather than openly complaining. Take advantage of those openings and find out if those issues are affecting other aspects of her life. If they are, you can help her to find solutions.

Mention Something You’ve Read

Keeping up with health literature and with information about elderly adults sounds more difficult than it has to be. Make it a point to seek out those types of websites, magazines, and newsletters. When you read an article that applies to your senior’s situation, set it aside and mention it to her when you can. If she’s not open to talking about them right then, at least you’ve made an effort.

Watch or Listen to Applicable Media Together

Watching or listening to programs, podcasts, and other types of media that are geared toward aging adults can really help to open up conversational paths. Often these types of listening and viewing opportunities can bring up topics your senior might not have thought about already. Or, the topics might be ones she’s considered, but not in great depth. This can also be a way to get your senior over the fear of talking about some of these issues.

You might be tempted to just keep putting this conversation off for a while, too. It can be scary, after all. But having a conversation now allows you to make changes like hiring elderly care providers to give your senior that extra bit of help that she might need.

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