What and when your elderly family member drinks helps to keep her hydrated and gives her body what it needs. But it might also be a big part of what keeps her from sleeping as well as she would like to sleep.

Home Care Dix Hills NY - How Do Your Senior's Beverage Choices Affect Her Ability to Sleep?

Home Care Dix Hills NY – How Do Your Senior’s Beverage Choices Affect Her Ability to Sleep?

Caffeine Is a Huge Culprit

Your senior might be getting more caffeine in her diet than either of you realize. Some teas as well as coffee and soft drinks often contain caffeine. After a certain time of day, that can add up for your elderly family member and give her problems at night. If your elderly family member is more sensitive to caffeine than she realizes, that can be a huge issue for her.

When She’s Drinking Liquids Can Matter

Also, when your elderly family member is drinking beverages can be an important variable. This applies not just to caffeinated drinks, but to any drinks at all. If she’s drinking most of her liquids later in the day, your senior may find that she’s getting up a lot at night with the urge to urinate. Drinking more of her beverages earlier in the day can cause her to eliminate more during the day and allow her to sleep through the night.

Include One Last Bathroom Break at the End of Her Bedtime Routine

This may sound pretty obvious, but one last bathroom break at the very end of your senior’s bedtime routine can be enough to let her rest. If she doesn’t have the urge to go, though, she might not think about giving it one last try before lying down to sleep. Encourage her to try to go, even if she doesn’t think she has to. She might be surprised how well this can work.

Incontinence Worries Might Need Other Adjustments

If your elderly family member is also dealing with incontinence, it may play into her sleep issues more than either of you realize. She might be worried about having an accident overnight and that can definitely keep her awake. One solution is to switch her to incontinence underwear at night only so that she’s got the peace of mind to relax and sleep.

Working with home care providers can help you to keep track of all of this with your aging adult. You might want to keep a food log during the day that helps track both what she eats and drinks so you can manage these issues for your senior.

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