There is going to come a time on your caregiving journey when you realize that you might need a little more help. These are some of the most common situations that cause a caregiver to ask that question, but there are definitely others that fit in, too.

Homecare Great Neck NY - When Do You Need More Help?

Homecare Great Neck NY – When Do You Need More Help?

Your Health Is Suffering

If you’ve been ignoring your own physical and emotional health, that’s going to catch up to you. You need to take the hint that your brain and your body are sending you and start to pay better attention to what you need. Some of the symptoms that you’re experiencing may still be reversible if you give yourself what you need now.

You’re not Able to Be There as Much as You Want

It’s not always possible for caregivers to be with their senior as much as they want to be. You might live too far away or have a demanding career. Regardless of what it is that keeps you busy elsewhere, you can’t be in two places at once. Having extra help ensures that your elderly family member is in good hands even if those hands aren’t yours.

You’re Overwhelmed

There is a lot to keep up with when you’re a caregiver. For some people, it’s beyond too much to keep up with on a daily basis. Being overwhelmed is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, you’re a rare caregiver if you’re not experiencing overwhelm at least a few times a week. It’s not a weakness to turn everything over to someone else for a little while so that you can get some breathing room.

Your Senior’s Needs Surpass Your Abilities

At some point your elderly family member’s needs are going to be bigger than you. Chances are that you don’t have nursing experience, and even if you do, it might not be in the areas your senior needs the most help. Having someone else take over can just make sense, both for you and for your elderly family member’s best care. Let those parts go and relax into the parts of caregiving that come easily to you.

If you’re asking the question of yourself about whether help is a good idea, it probably is. You can try to continue to push yourself to do more as a caregiver, but it’s important to give yourself a break. Let homecare providers step in and make caregiving easier for you to handle.

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