Coping When Your Parent’s Choice for Cancer Treatment is No Treatment At All

Elder Care in Huntington NY Finding out that your aging loved one has cancer is a life-changing moment for both your parent and for you. As their adult child you are dealing with the painful emotions of thinking about what your loved one is going to have to go through during this journey and what you might face as your parent suffers. As their family caregiver you are concerned about making sure that they are taking care of their health and getting ... Read more

Non-Salt Sources of Iodine

Elder Care in Huntington NY Iodine is a mineral that elderly adults (and people of all ages) need so that they thyroid can function properly.  Table salt is typically fortified with iodine to help people to get all of the iodine they need.  If your elderly loved one is cutting back on salt, however, to eat a more heart-healthy diet, then it is essential that they get their iodine from other sources.  Here is a list of healthy foods that also contain ... Read more