Exercise Tips for Elders with Arthritis

Elder Care in Massapequa NY Arthritis affects approximately 21 million people, causing them to feel painful inflammation of their joints. The pain can sometimes become too much to handle, resulting in the elder living a more stationary life. What these seniors do not realize is that exercise can actually lessen the intense sensations they have in order to help them continue living their life without the constant worry that their arthritis will flare up. With these exercise tips and the approval of their ... Read more

What are the Complications of Dry Mouth?

Elder Care in Massapequa NY Dry mouth is a common ailment among elderly adults.  Certain chronic medical conditions can cause it as can many medications.  There are several medications, both over the counter and prescription, that list dry mouth as a common side effect.  While dry mouth may just seem like an uncomfortable side effect, the truth is that untreated dry mouth can lead to other complications, some of which can be serious.  If you are a caregiver for an elderly loved ... Read more