What to Know About the flu in Elderly Adults

Elder Care in Stonybrook NY Now that fall us upon us, it is time to get serious about flu prevention. Elderly adults, especially those with chronic health conditions, are at a high risk for developing health complications due to the flu virus. In fact, it has even caused seniors to be admitted to the hospital or death. Older adults who live alone may especially be at risk for developing these complications because they tend to ignore the symptoms. However, by having an elder ... Read more

Making Dressing Easier for Your Aging Parent

Elder Care in Stonybrook NY Promoting independence for your elderly loved one is one of the most important goals of your elder care journey. By helping your parent stay as independent as possible and continue to fulfill as many of her daily tasks on her own as she can, you support good mental and emotional health, and ward off functional decline. Promoting this independence is not just about encouraging your parent to do more things for herself. It is also about understanding ... Read more