4 Dangers Seniors Who Live Alone Face

According to the Institute on Aging, around 11.3 senior citizens live alone. While continuing to live in their own homes is what many seniors want, living alone can leave them without help when dangerous situations arise. If your aging relative lives on their own, here are 4 dangers to beware of. Electrical Outages An electrical outage may not seem like much more than a nuisance, but during the winter months, it could result in hypothermia. The bodies of older adults lose heat faster than ... Read more

Are You Considering hiring Elderly Care for Your Loved One?

5 Great Reasons to Consider Elderly Care in Great Neck, NY There are many great reasons why you should consider hiring elderly care for a loved one requires assistance at home. Below are five of those reasons, but it is important to note before we get to that that you should always consult with your loved one first. Talk to them about hiring elder care services before you go about doing it by yourself. You need to respect their wishes. If they don’t ... Read more