Obtaining Happiness In Life

Home Care in Floral Park, NY – Obtaining Happiness in Life A recent study on happiness shows that self-acceptance may be the path to overall satisfaction in life.  At the University of Hertfordshire, psychologists identified three actions that increase self-acceptance and ten ways to be happier. ·       Be kind to yourself and notice the small, positive things you accomplish. ·        Ask a friend or family member to share their feelings about you. ·        Spend some quiet time by yourself to focus on ... Read more

Do You Know How to Help Prevent Senior Adults from Falling?

Home Care in Floral Park, NY – Avoiding Repeat Hip Fractures Hip fractures happen to 400,000 adults in their senior years annually. More than 25% of these adults end up remaining institutionalized for a year. One hip fracture tends to increase the likelihood of a repeat hip fracture, so there are a lot of things your loved one needs to be careful of in the event of this happening. First of all it’s very beneficial to have an expert caregiver coming into the ... Read more