How Can You Make Meals Easier for Your Senior Family Member?

Meals can be a difficult time for your aging adult for a variety of reasons. Whether she simply doesn't like cooking or finds it too complicated to figure out what to eat, there are things you can do to make meals as easy as possible for your senior. Ask Other Family Members to Contribute a Meal Many caregivers are reluctant to bother other family members, but they can be an excellent source of help when it comes to putting meals together. Let them ... Read more

Why Is it Important for Your Elderly Loved One to Maintain as Much Independence as Possible?

Home Care in Floral Park NY Family caregivers can find that helping their elderly loved one can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Their loved one fights for independence in all situations, sometimes endangering themselves. But why would they do that? It's a Control Thing For some elderly loved ones, there is so much of their lives that is out of their control. Perhaps they have health conditions that have quickly deteriorated or there are other factors at work. At some point, your loved ... Read more

How Home Care Specialists Can Help Elders With Diabetes

Home Care in Floral Park NY Over 20% of Americans over the age of 65 are affected by diabetes. It is a frustrating, and sometimes scary, disease that affects the pancreas and requires many changes to daily life. Fortunately, diabetes is a manageable disease, even well into a person’s golden years, especially with the right support system. Even home caregivers can help with some of the care elders with diabetes. Dietary Needs In addition to the medications needed to manage diabetes, diet becomes a ... Read more