Is Your Senior at Risk for Shingles?

Each year throughout the United States approximately one million people suffer from a potentially serious condition known as shingles. This condition comes from the varicella zoster virus and is characterized by a red, blistering rash that can spread across large areas of the body and cause pain that can linger for many weeks. Those who suffer this condition can also suffer from a variety of other severe consequences, including damage to the eyes if the rash develops in the face. As ... Read more

Are Alzheimer’s Disease and Fall Risk Related?

Home Care in Manhasset NY As a family caregiver you are likely aware of the risk of falls for elderly adults. You know that falling can cause severe injuries that make your parent vulnerable to decreased mobility and diminished quality of life as they age in place. What you might not realize, however, is that there is more to fall risk for the elderly than just mobility issues. For seniors who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, their chances of falling may be ... Read more

Home Care Considerations:  Pet Ownership

 Home Care in Manhasset NY There is a tremendous amount of research that highlights the benefits pets can offer seniors, especially those who may be living alone. Nonetheless, many people assume that elderly people shouldn’t have a cat or dog. The concern is that having a cat may cause an elderly individual to fall if it gets underfoot, or he could lose his balance and fall while cleaning out the litter box. Consider the following facts regarding seniors and owning a pet: 1. The ... Read more