When to Integrate a Home Care Provider

Home Care in Massapequa NY As a family caregiver, you have the daily routine down. You know what tasks need to be completed, what appointments need to be kept, what groceries need to be bought and meals prepared. It may be tempting at times to keep the schedule intact; the routine has become soothing. It’s like stepping into a new job and finding that what seemed overwhelming three months ago, now seems like second nature. Home Care Provider Integrating a home care provider into ... Read more

Modify Your Aging Parent’s Home With These Tips

Home Care in Massapequa NY If your parents have a physical or mental disability, you may feel uncomfortable leaving them at home by themselves. One option that would allow them to stay in their home is to hire an in-home care provider who can watch over your parents and help them with everyday tasks. However, if they do plan on living in their home, there are some modifications that should be made to create a safer environment for your loved one. Wider doors. ... Read more