What Habits Should Your Dad Kick to Improve His Health?

A chronic disease is one that lasts 12 or more months and requires regular medical care. Some chronic conditions impact how well someone can perform activities of daily living. High blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes are three examples of chronic health conditions. If your dad wants to improve his health. There are four habits he should break right now. Smoking or Being Around Smoke Does your dad smoke? Does he spend time with smokers? Does he have a fireplace or wood stove? Does ... Read more

Learn The Various Benefits of Making Good Healthy Choices- Start TODAY !

Home Health Care near Great Neck, NY – How Diet and Exercise Choices Affect Health There are a lot of ways we can choose to live healthier. We look around and see our friends and colleagues our age and wonder what happened when one of them develops a critical illness or is diagnosed with a disease. In many cases, these illnesses could be averted through proper diet and exercise. Although we can’t avoid every sickness by being healthy, it sure increases our ... Read more