Thanks to the expert opinion of Lauren Scalcione, RN Administrator, Star Multi Care has made another positive contribution to the staffing crisis in New York. Lauren was interviewed this month by Newsday regarding her opinions of the upcoming aide shortage that home health agencies will be facing within the next several years as the number of elderly and disabled clients increasingly choose to receive care in their homes. Ms. Scalcione addressed Star Multi Care’s ability to offset the mounting problems many of ... Read more

Tips for Caring for a Senior Living with Diabetes

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult is challenging, but this is particularly true when that elderly adult is living with a health issue such as diabetes. You want to make sure you are giving them everything they need to properly manage their health issue, while also balancing their other needs. It is important to consider managing their diabetes a basic element of their care, rather than thinking of it as something individual and separate. This enables you to care for ... Read more

Do You Know How You Can Reduce the Risk of Stroke? What You Need to Know.

Home Health Care near Manhasset, NY – Essential Tips to Lower Your Risk of Stroke There are many misconceptions about what a stroke is and how it affects someone. A stroke is actually a change in how the blood flows to the brain. The brain is one of the most, sensitive organs in the body. Aside from controlling all of the functions, everything from memories to bodily commands are stored in the brain. When a stroke happens, the brain loses the vital nutrients ... Read more