Symptoms and Treatment for Cataracts in Aging Adults

Studies show that over half of elderly Americans struggle with one of the most common eye diseases—cataracts. Because the disease develops slowly, it can take a while for aging adults to notice that anything is wrong. Family caregivers should pay attention to the signs and symptoms of cataracts in their aging loved ones, then schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Understanding Cataracts and their Symptoms The lens of the eye is usually clear, but over time it can become cloudy, obscuring vision ... Read more

Why Does Your Parent with Dementia Tell You They Want to Go Home?

Having a loved one with dementia comes with many challenges. People with dementia often exhibit behavioral changes that are disturbing and difficult to manage. One common behavior is asking caregivers to take them home or saying that they want to go home repeatedly when they are at home. Understanding the behavior and how to respond to it can make the behavior a little less challenging. The Reasons Behind the Behavior First, it’s important to know that “home” may mean different things. They ... Read more