Pediatric Home Health Care – 11 Fun Ways to Cheer a Sick Child

Pediatric Home Health Care in Plainview, NY – 11 Fun Ways to Cheer a Sick Child It’s heartbreaking for parents to see their child sick and discouraged. Being happy and having a positive state of mind will help your child heal and recover. Physical health and mental health are very much inter-related to each other. Here is a list of 11 fun ways to bring happiness and joy to your child’s heart and cheer them up a little. 1.      Take turns drawing pictures ... Read more

A Little TLC for Colds and Flu – Try These Techniques to Bring Some Relief

Pediatric Home Health Care near Plainview, NY The first instinct for a parent when baby is feeling sick is to give comfort – hugs, favorite stuffed animal, warm blanket, something to drink. You may even have a few favorite simple home remedies for colds and flu that have been passed down in your family. If your child is under 4 years old, don’t give over the counter cough and cold remedies. For children between age 4 and 6 it’s best to talk ... Read more