Protecting Your Parent From Extreme Heat

As temperatures outside get higher, and we get closer to the summer months, it is important to start thinking about the potential dangers of heat, and what you can do as a family caregiver to protect your senior. Elderly adults are more vulnerable than younger people to the effects of heat, and can suffer severe consequences as a result of exposure to very high temperatures. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your parent from this heat, and help them to stay ... Read more

Loss of Balance in an Aging Parent

Senior Care in Huntington NY 95% of hip fractures, the second leading cause of hospitalization among the elderly, are caused by falling. It’s understandable why loss of balance can be a frightening experience for an aging parent. In many instances, it is a slow progression from a sense of slight instability to the need for devices that provide support such as a walker. Causes Low Blood Pressure. The dizziness associated with low blood pressure is most common when an individual goes from a ... Read more

What Seniors Can Do About Computer Eye Strain

Senior Care in Huntington NY Seniors who enjoy using computers may have found that computers have made their lives easier in many ways.  They can communicate with family quickly and easily through email and video chat, they can find useful information with the click of a mouse, and they can share photos with friends and family through social media.  While technology can bring a lot of joy to a senior’s life, seniors must use computers with caution to prevent computer eye strain. What ... Read more

Senior Care Products: Choosing the Right Incontinence Products for Your Parents

Senior Care in Huntington NY For many seniors, incontinence is a reality of getting older. Having children, prostate cancer, and many other factors go into having less control over their bladder.  Regardless of the reason behind it, aging adults find it difficult and even embarrassing to cope with the effects. If your elderly parents are dealing with incontinence, making it a part of your daily senior care plan can be a challenge for both of you. With an estimated 30 percent or more ... Read more