Four Tips for Seniors Who Have Trouble Chewing

Your senior might just give up on eating altogether if she’s having a difficult time chewing. Painful chewing or difficulty swallowing make eating way more complicated than it really should be. Some of these options can help. Use Ground Meats Instead of Whole or Cubed Meat Ground meats are a much easier way to get meat into your senior than either whole pieces or even cubed meats. This is an excellent replacement in soups or stews, too, because it doesn’t change the dish and ... Read more

Talking to Your Elderly Loved One about Their Cancer Diagnosis

Senior Care in Northport NY September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Whether your parent has been diagnosed with this type of cancer or another type, this is the ideal opportunity for you to take the time to talk to your aging parent about this diagnosis and how it will impact your loved one's future and your care efforts for them. Being open and honest about this situation will help to not only ensure that your aging parent gets the level of care, ... Read more

How to Prepare for a Difficult Discussion with Your Elderly Loved One

Senior Care in Northport NY Sometimes as a family caregiver you're going to have to have difficult talks with your elderly loved one. Preparation is the key to making these talks productive. Think about Her Possible Reaction to the Topic Before you even broach the difficult topic, ask yourself how your loved one is likely to respond to what you have to say. It's possible that you already know how she will react, but try to go into as much detail when you think ... Read more

How to Help Your Loved One Find Vision Aids

Senior Care in Northport NY Vision aids can range from pocket-sized magnifying lenses all the way to expensive task lighting or devices that can read a book to your loved one. No matter what you're looking for in order to help your loved one deal with vision problems, it can be a job to track it down. Here are some ideas that can help. Talk to Your Loved One's Eye Doctor Your loved one's eye doctor is an excellent first source for information about ... Read more

Write a Letter to Yourself to Find Out What’s Most Important with Regard to Senior Care Options

Senior Care in Northport NY If you are an aging senior or have a family member who has reached a certain age where they have difficulty tending to their own basic care at home, senior care is likely an option that will come up for discussion. There are many different types of senior care available. The most common is a home care aide. This is an individual assists seniors with any number of basic tasks throughout the day. These tasks could include light ... Read more