Does Your Senior Really Need to See Her Doctor if She Falls?

If your elderly family member has experienced a fall once, she might be shaken up quite a bit. You are probably just as terrified. Even if she doesn’t want to, though, you need to make sure that she sees her doctor right away. There are a variety of reasons for this, but if your senior is resisting the idea, lean heavily on the fact that you want to prevent another occurrence of a fall. Injuries Might Not Show up Right Away After a ... Read more

Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

One of the advantages of having senior care for your aging relative is that it gives them the opportunity to stay involved and active. One of the things senior care providers can do is help older adults to celebrate special days, including silly holidays like National Ice Cream Day, which occurs on July 17th this year. If your parent enjoys a sweet, creamy ice cream treat, here are 5 ways senior care providers can help them to celebrate National Ice Cream Day. #1 ... Read more

What Can You Do if Your Loved One Doesn’t Recognize You?

Walking into a room and having your loved one treat you like a stranger isn't fun for any family caregiver, but it can unfortunately happen. This is especially true if your loved one has always had a close relationship with you and other family members. Your Loved One May Recognize Younger Versions of You Even if your loved one doesn't recognize you today, she may recognize younger versions of you. This is because short-term memory is often affected by dementia and other brain ... Read more

The Fine Line between Keepsakes and Hoarding

Senior Care in Rockville Center NY Your parent has always been a keepsake kind of person. Every vacation ended up with a bag of mementos making their way back home. Each birthday party was marked by a symbolic token. On top of those, your parent got into collectables. The collection of vases, dishes and pottery items along with the caps from almost every state in America has become somewhat overwhelming. Counters, sinks and even the stove seem to be buried under piles ... Read more

Senior Care Walks to End Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior Care in Rockville Center NY Every September, The Alzheimer's Association works locally, nationally, and globally to bring forth information and awareness, care, and support to everyone who is affected by Alzheimer's or any other type of dementia. Local chapters are found communities across the nation providing helpful services, information, and support groups. The Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's is created not only to enhance awareness, but also to raise funds. These funds are used toward research, support, and Alzheimer's care. ... Read more