Is your elderly loved one dependent on you, family members and elder care providers for their daily care? If their physical abilities have diminished enough that they cannot complete basic self-care tasks, they need a support group that works together for their basic needs. However, once the basics like hygiene, food and housework are covered, what about their mental and emotional needs?

Elder Care Massapequa NY - My Elderly Loved One Needs to Get Out More

Elder Care Massapequa NY – My Elderly Loved One Needs to Get Out More

It’s too easy for seniors with physical challenges to sit around all day at home, becoming more isolated each week. You can play a big part in getting your elderly loved one out of the house and into the community. It just takes some planning and coordination.

How Do Elders Become Isolated and Lonely?

Studies show that loneliness can be as bad for a person’s health as smoking or obesity. This startling find is especially relevant to elderly adults, who are some of the most isolated and lonely individuals in modern society. If you are acting as a family caregiver for an elderly loved one, it’s a good time to evaluate whether they are at risk of social isolation and determine what you can do to help them get out more.

Elderly Adults and Isolation Are Common

It may seem hard to believe, but aging Americans are increasingly lonely and isolated. Few people choose to be this way and many of the contributing factors are simply out of the aging person’s control. As the body ages, it’s harder for aging adults to stay involved in their community. They may lose a spouse or friend that they used to do things with, and often family members move away. Physical disabilities from illness, injury or old age may prevent them from driving, walking far, seeing well or hearing well.

The result is that elder adults are often homebound without many options for getting out and interacting with people. There may be long stretches between visits from family members, which means the elderly person is alone for much of the time. It’s easy to see why isolation and loneliness are prevalent among seniors, even if they have family members who care about them.

Overcoming Obstacles to Getting Out More

You can do a lot of things to help your elderly relative get out more, despite any physical limitations they may have. If you haven’t done so, consider hiring an elder care provider. These professionals are trained to work with seniors in their everyday lives with tasks they can’t do for themselves. Housekeeping, bathing, dressing, meal preparation and transportation are all done by elder care providers.

Elder care providers are also companions to homebound seniors, and they often form bonds of friendship as they spend time together. Elder care providers can accompany aging adults to community events so they experience new and fun things. A change of scenery and being socially involved really benefits seniors, preventing them from being isolated and lonely.

If your aging loved one is spending long hours alone and doesn’t get to do much in the way of socializing, consider hiring an elder care provider to help them get out more and enjoy themselves.

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