Smoking has a number of negative health effects. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarettes are responsible for 480,000 deaths in the United States each year. People who smoke are at a greater risk for serious diseases like heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. The good news is that when a person quits smoking, they reap the benefits very quickly. In just two to five years, their stroke risk returns to that of someone who does not smoke.

It’s never too late for your elderly relative to quit smoking and improve their health, but it is also difficult. If your family member plans to quit smoking, here are some tips to help them.

Elderly Care Stonybrook NY - Tips to Help an Elderly Adult Quit Smoking

Elderly Care Stonybrook NY – Tips to Help an Elderly Adult Quit Smoking

Decide How to Quit

The senior can either quit smoking “cold turkey” or gradually reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke until they don’t smoke at all. Studies indicate there is no benefit of one method over the other. Regardless of how they decide to quit, it is a good idea to talk to a doctor about using smoking cessation aids, like gum or patches.

Pick a Quit Date

When the decision has been made to quit smoking, have the older adult pick a “quit date.” This is the date they will begin their cessation efforts. Make the day soon enough that they do not have time to change their mind, but far enough out to allow them to prepare. Mark the day on the calendar and encourage the senior to tell others about it.

Inform Others

People who are trying to quit may have a harder time if they try to do it alone. Instead, make sure that the senior’s friends and family members know that they are trying to quit. That way, other people who care about them can encourage them, too. In addition, people who smoke should be asked not to smoke around the senior since it will make it harder for them to quit.

Start a New Hobby with Non-Smokers

Picking up a new hobby that the elderly adult can do with people who do not smoke can be a great distraction. Ideal activities are those that keep the hands busy.

Enlist the Help of Elderly Care

Elderly care can help a senior who is trying to quit smoking in a number of ways. An elderly care provider can distract the older adult when they feel the urge to smoke. An elderly care provider can also remind visitors not to smoke around the senior. If the older adult attends a support group for quitting, an elderly care provider can drive them to the meeting place.


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