Over time, you’ve noticed your mom’s appetite is diminishing. Don’t be alarmed yet. As you age, your appetite does diminish. Changes to the senses of smell and taste impact how foods taste, which can make foods less appealing.

If your mom is also losing weight, start watching how often and what she eats. Appetite loss can be a side effect of medications. It can be caused by a medical condition such as a thyroid disorder. Talk to her doctor if there are concerns about her health. If she’s fine, these tips can help spark her appetite.

Home Care Huntington NY - Tips to Help Spark Interest in Eating

Home Care Huntington NY – Tips to Help Spark Interest in Eating

Set and Stick to a Meal Schedule

Each day, create a schedule of meals and snacks and stick to it as much as possible. If your mom isn’t snacking too close to meals, she’ll be ready to eat. It also helps her if dementia is present as she’ll do better with a familiar routine.

Make Protein-Rich Smoothies

A smoothie can be more appealing than a meal. Make filling smoothies that are packed with protein by adding protein powder, tofu, yogurt, milk, and peanut butter. You could make a smoothie with low-fat milk, frozen bananas, oats, and peanut butter powder to start your mom’s morning. It’s filling and filled with essential nutrients.

Consider Multiple Small Meals Instead of Larger Ones

A large meal may be too much for your mom. Instead, offer small plates every two or three hours. When she gets up, make her coffee or tea and a slice of toast. A couple of hours later, give her fruit cup. Two hours after that, offer a small omelet made with vegetables, cheese, and one egg. Continue that pattern throughout the day.

Offer Finger Foods

Your mom may have an easier time eating a meal if she doesn’t have to use a fork, knife, and spoon. Small quiches, fish sticks, chicken fries, raw vegetables and yogurt dip, and finger sandwiches are all ways you might tempt your mom into eating more during the day.

Entice With Herbs and Spices

As the sense of smell and taste do diminish, make sure meals are loaded with herbs and seasoning. Lemon and lime can make a dish stand out. Highly-scented herbs and spices like cumin, garlic, basil, rosemary, and ginger also make meals more appealing.

Sometimes, older adults have a harder time with meal preparation. If your mom hasn’t been eating as much because she hates cooking, call a home care agency and ask about caregivers. You could have home care providers stopping by every day to prepare your mom’s meals and make sure she’s eating.

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