In a 2014 AARP survey, 8 out of 10 seniors admit they want to age in their current home. Of those people, about 7 out of 10 say their home has a bedroom and bathroom on the main level. Only 35 percent admitted they have doorways that are wide enough for wheelchairs.

Aging at home may be your parents’ goal, but do you understand your parents’ wishes for home care? The start of a new year is here. Start 2019 by asking important questions about aging at home and your parents current and future home care needs.

Home Care Rockville Center NY - Start 2019 By Asking Your Parents These Questions About Home Care Needs

Home Care Rockville Center NY – Start 2019 By Asking Your Parents These Questions About Home Care Needs

Of All Family and Friends, Who Do Your Parents Feel is the Best Caregiver?

Not everyone is equipped to be a caregiver. Patience, calmness, and emotional strength may all be needed. If your parents had to pick one family member or friend to be their picture of the ideal caregiver, who would they pick?

Now create a list of that person’s traits at home, when caring for a child or senior, or at work. Those are the traits you should aim for when finding caregivers for your parents. You may not be able to check off all the things on the list, but the more you can match, the happier your parents will be.

Do They Have a Home Care Wish List?

Your parents may already have a list of home care services they wish they received. Ask them if there are things around their house they wish someone else would do. Do they like doing the laundry? Are they comfortable cooking dinner? Do they feel safe driving to the store, doctor’s office, or friend’s home?

As your parents discuss the things they would like to have help with, listen to the things they don’t want help doing. Your mom may not want a caregiver putting away her groceries. Your dad may want his den to be off limits to others. Respect these wishes if possible.

How Often is Care Desired?

Some seniors like having caregivers around every day for companionship. Daily care services like medication reminders, meals, and companionship can be desirable when a senior lives alone. Others prefer weekly help with laundry, housework, and errands. See how your parents feel.

Make sure your parents know that no matter what frequency they want to start with, it can be changed. If daily seems too often, they can switch to once a week or every few days. If once a week isn’t enough, they can increase caregivers to daily visits.

Once you have input from your parents, talk to a home care representative about the services in your area. You can work with a specialist to create a home care plan that encompasses all of their needs now and can be adapted in the months and years to come. Call our home care agency today.


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