The home care services discussion is not an easy one. It’s uncommon for the elderly to be happy about hiring caregivers. Even if it’s uncomfortable, it’s important. It’s often made more difficult by approaching it the wrong way.

Here are three mistakes families often make when discussing caregivers.

Home Care Services Manhasset NY - Three Mistakes Families Make When Talking About Home Care With Their Parents

Home Care Services Manhasset NY – Three Mistakes Families Make When Talking About Home Care With Their Parents

They Promise Caregivers Eliminate the Chance of Ever Having to Move

The point of caregivers is to make sure your parents get to stay in their home for as long as possible. You shouldn’t guarantee that they’ll never have to move. You can’t predict the future. Your dad could have a stroke that requires him to use a wheelchair. He may not have enough money to pay for the renovations needed to make his house accessible for wheelchair use.

Your mom could be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She’s extremely aggressive and even violent. Medication reminders are no longer enough. Someone has to put the medications in her food and feed her. She’s in need of professional, around-the-clock Alzheimer’s care.

In both cases, home care services aren’t enough. Skilled nursing care in a nursing home is necessary. You should tell your parent that caregivers will enable them to live independently at home for as long as possible. Don’t promise that caregivers will make certain they never have to move.

They Promise to Provide All the Necessary Care

Being a family caregiver is an act of love. It’s also difficult when you’re untrained and unused to caring for a parent. You may be able to handle most of the care services. Can you do the harder tasks like helping your parent in the shower? Could you help your parent with toileting? Odds are that you have a hard time with it, and your parent may not be comfortable with it either.

Home care services can be arranged so that you provide certain things while a caregiver comes in and helps with others. Caregivers also offer respite care services that make sure you have time to yourself.

You Delay the Discussion

Home care services should be discussed before they’re needed. While you can still have the conversation when the time comes, you’re going to be making the decisions while emotions are high. If a parent has a stroke, you’re going to be stressed over seeing your parent incapacitated. It’s not a great time to have to arrange home care services in a hurry.

When your parents are agreeable to home care, make sure they’re included in interviews. Let them ask questions if possible. They may never embrace the ideas of caregivers fully. You’ll just have to keep them involved despite their resistance. Family involvement can make the transition to home care go smoothly.

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