Family caregivers take on several tasks each day, week, or month. One area where family members may have questions is medication management. Your mom takes several prescription medications and you’re not sure it’s too many. How can you tell if she’s taking too many pills? If they are all necessary, how do you help her manage them all? It’s easier than you’d think.

Talk to Her Doctor and Her Pharmacist

Home Health Care Dix Hills NY - Are You Worried Your Mom Takes Too Many Medications?

Home Health Care Dix Hills NY – Are You Worried Your Mom Takes Too Many Medications?

Jot down a list of every medication your mom takes. You need to note the dosage she takes and the details of that medication including the strength. Include vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, and over-the-counter medications. Schedule a time to talk to her doctor and her pharmacist. When you go in or make the phone call, have the list of medications with you.

Go over them all. If she relies on supplements because she read of the health benefits, ask her doctor if it’s worth her taking them. You cannot leave a medication or supplement off your list.

For example, some seniors take turmeric capsules due to the alleged anti-inflammatory properties. Even if you can’t see that taking that supplement causes any side effects, make sure you mention it. Your mom’s doctor may know of a new study that you haven’t seen that paints a different picture.

Ask Specifics on What the Medications Do

Ask for specifics on why your mom takes the medication. If she had high blood pressure but it went down after she lost weight, see if she still needs to be taking blood pressure medication. A lower dosage may save money. She may be able to stop that medication completely.

In the past, prescription pain relievers were overprescribed. Does your mom still take them? Find out why and if it’s necessary. If she is dealing with arthritis pain, ibuprofen and ice/heat packs may work just as effectively and be safer.

Make Sure She Takes Medications Correctly

One of the biggest risks to medications with seniors is forgetfulness. Has your mom forgotten if she took her pills? Does she take them anyway or skip it for the day? This can harm her health if she gets it wrong. Management is important.

You can count pills or purchase organizers. You may find it easier to hire home health care providers to help remind her when it’s time to take her pills. This ensures she doesn’t accidentally take extras or skip a daily dose. Home health care providers can also help her order refills and pick them up before she runs out. Call our home health care agency to schedule medication reminders and errand services.

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