During the month of May, many people grow excited for baseball season to begin. If you go to a major or minor league game, you may notice posters and public service announcements for Strike Out Stroke. This public awareness campaign Is designed to educate people of all ages on how to prevent strokes, as well as what to do in the critical first minutes when someone is having a stroke.

Home Health Care Rockville Center NY - Strike Out Stroke Month—Education and Awareness

Home Health Care Rockville Center NY – Strike Out Stroke Month—Education and Awareness

Strokes and Elderly Adults

Strokes are one of the leading causes of disability in elderly adults. It’s also one of the leading causes of death for adults in the country. An estimated 800,000 Americans suffer from a stroke each year. No matter what age or stage of life, having a stroke can lead to serious health issues that make it hard for seniors to live independently. Many seniors end up needing family caregivers or home health care providers to help them with daily tasks like dressing and cooking.

Strokes happen when the blood flow to the brain is blocked, usually from a blood clot. While strokes can range in severity, what happens in the first few minutes of a stroke can have a big impact in the aftermath and recovery efforts. Studies show that the faster the person gets medical attention, the better the recovery and the less severe the stroke symptoms can be. That’s why the Strike Out Stroke group and the baseball organizations are dedicated to educating seniors, their family members and health care workers on recognizing symptoms and how to help.

Strokes and the F.A.S.T. Message

The first few minutes of a stroke are critical when it comes to acting and getting medical attention. The Strike Out Stroke organization has coined the acronym F.A.S.T. to help elderly adults, family caregivers and home health care providers know the steps to recognizing a stroke.

F is for Face, and family members should see if the elderly adult can manage to smile. Both sides of the face should be symmetrical in this effort. If one side is not as responsive as the other, it could be a stroke.

A is for Arms. The elderly person should be able to raise both arms at the same time to the same height. If they struggle to control one arm or cannot raise it high, this is a sign of a stroke.

S is for Speech. The easiest way to check the senior’s speech is to have them repeat a familiar phrase, such as their address or the first line of a nursery rhyme. If they cannot get through the words without slurred speech or forgetting part of it, that’s definitely a warning sign.

T is for Time. Instead of putting off a medical examination, family members and home health care providers should call 911 as soon as they notice one sign of a stroke. Fast medical treatment can slow down or stop brain damage from the stroke and can even prevent death. When the elderly person is receiving medical care, the brain cells have a better chance of recovering.

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