One of the advantages of having senior care for your aging relative is that it gives them the opportunity to stay involved and active. One of the things senior care providers can do is help older adults to celebrate special days, including silly holidays like National Ice Cream Day, which occurs on July 17th this year.

Senior Care Rockville Center NY - Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Senior Care Rockville Center NY – Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

If your parent enjoys a sweet, creamy ice cream treat, here are 5 ways senior care providers can help them to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

#1 Invite Grandchildren Over for a Sundae Bar

Nothing goes together better than children and ice cream. Celebrating National Ice Cream Day offers older adults an opportunity to spend some time bonding with their grandchildren. A senior care provider can help them to set up an ice cream sundae bar where each grandchild can build their own sundae with lots of toppings to choose from. Before the day, the senior care provider can drive the senior to the grocery store to purchase the toppings and ice cream. Then, they can help with set up and clean up.

#2 Try an Unusual Flavor

Older adults who are adventurous might enjoy trying an unusual ice cream flavor. People magazine suggests some of these crazy flavors that are available in various ice cream parlors:

  • Chocolate Chili Cookie Dough.
  • Squid Ink Infused Ice Cream.
  • Cheetos Flavored.
  • Cucumber and Dill.


A senior care provider can drive your parent to an ice cream parlor to try a scoop of something new.

#3 Throw an Ice Cream Social

A senior care provider can help your aging relative to throw an old-fashioned ice cream social in their home. From invitations, to ice cream and toppings, and the festive décor, a home care provider can work with the senior to come up with and execute the perfect plan.

#4 Take a Walk to an Ice Cream Parlor

Walking to the corner ice cream parlor may have been an activity your older family member might have enjoyed when they were young. If there’s an ice cream parlor close by, a senior care provider can take there with the senior, offering them a supportive arm to lean on if necessary. Going to an ice cream parlor may bring back happy memories, so having a home care provider to reminisce with can make the experience even more fun.

#5 Make Homemade Ice Cream

Lots of families made their own ice cream in the past. It might be an activity that your loved one remembers fondly. If so, consider getting an ice cream maker so they can make ice cream again. A senior care provider can help them to follow the recipe and run the machine.


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